Interactive Events

"An EDUCATED consumer is our BEST customer"

This is definitely one of our favorite slogans ... because the more you know about us and our software ... the better you will like it ... will see it's value ... and take the next step toward a purchase and toward your increased productivity. And that's GREAT for everyone.

And educating you ... giving you access to the information you need to make an informed decision is OUR responsibility. And we take it seriously. If you view any of web pages you will find tons of written material ... multiple videos that outline our various software in great detail. But sometimes you just need that personal interaction or have some additional questions ... so we constantly run webinars ... using Google+ Hangouts ... or Twitter Chat sessions ... or full GO-TO-MEETING demonstrations.

Below you will find our current schedule of OnLine interaction sessions ... so please feel free to review and sign up for the session and type of session you would like to attend. We also have a section below which outlines the format of each type of session so you can get the feel of how each operates and decide which session is the right fit for you.

After all ...
KNOWLEDGE is one of the best tools you can have in your arsenal.

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Current Schedule
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Type of Interactive Sessions Offered

We try our best to appeal to everyones level of comfort ... from group sessions to in-depth personal sessions ... because ... as mentioned ... we feel an educated consumer is our best customer. We offer a variety of interactive session options ... with a flexible schedule ... and present our information through those sessions using a comfortable and friendly atmosphere.

Below is an in-depth outline of each of the session type .... what's involved ... what you need to attend ... and hopefully what you can expect from participating. We invite you to explore ... and try a session or sessions that feels comfortable for you ... and your team if applicable.

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