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Why Cloud Computing Makes Sense … Even for an OLD GUY !!


OK … I’m gonna admit it … I’m old. I’ve been around machine shops and CNC for more years than I wanna remember … since around 1978 to be exact. I cut my teeth on manual machinery in my 20’s … Bullard VTL’s … turret lathes … open side planers … boring mills … radial arm drills … gear cutters … tool and cutter grinders … and on and on. The company where I was a machinist actually rebuilt machinery … so I had the best of both worlds. A machine would come in and you would get assigned to it with the command … rebuild it. That meant finding what was wrong … re-designing the broken parts … then going into the machine shop and making new ones. I loved that job … and it taught me more than I could have ever hoped.

When the opportunity to advance came along … I joined up with the world of CNC. I had the greatest of experiences to take with me … I could fix machines and I could cut metal. I started out as a field service engineer  … then applications guy … then manager. Along the way I got some perks like a couple of trips to Japan for training … and I further learnt and upgraded my craft.

When things changed and I was asked to move my reluctant young family across the country … I decided it was time to move on and took that opportunity to start my own business. So in 1986 I started Kentech Inc.. I started out doing machine repair … then turn-key projects for Mori Seiki and other machine tool dealers. Along the way I took an interest in macro programming and then taught myself computer programming … and Kipware® was born. The rest … as they say … it history.

Why Am I Telling My Life Story?

Well if you suffered through the above … you realize … I’m old. But I wear that as a badge … because I have experiences many today can only dream of … and most will never obtain.  I make my living now through software running on personal computers … neither one existed for the individual user when I was born. Never mind when I was born … when I was in my twenties … they were still just a distant dream.

So when I talk with the “older” machinists out there who have shops .. even one or two man shops … I hear their hesitancy about cloud computing. The reliability, the security, the whole concept … because I’m coming from the same world. I feel your pain.

But having done the hard work and the research … I can tell you with all honesty … it’s a pain you gotta get over. The benefits of cloud computing are REAL … SIGNIFICANT … and here to stay.  And it’s why I moved my company … one of the first CNC and machine shop software developers … to offer it.


Cloud Computing is the FUTURE !!

Here’s WHY …

Let me try to give you some of my main reasons why I feel so strongly about cloud computing … and why I think every user should give it serious consideration. And … in fairness … I also list what I feel might be the biggest cons people might perceive.


  1. NOTHING TO INSTALL … all applications are run in the cloud … all data can be stored in the cloud or on your local PC … your choice. This is huge … maintaining CD’s and installation files can be very cumbersome. You think you have it … then when the PC crashes … and it will … or you replace the PC … you find out you don’t have it or it doesn’t run on the new operating system.  BIG HEADACHE !!
  2. WORK FROM ANYWHERE  … all you need is an internet connection for access. We hear the question all the time with traditional software sales … “How many PC’s can I install this on.” With cloud computing … it’s limited only by internet access. If the PC … or tablet … or phone … has internet access … AND WHAT DEVICE NOWADAYS DOESN’T ??? … you’re running.
  3. WORK FROM ANY DEVICE … we hear this one too “Does it run on a MAC?” With cloud computing … YES YES YES … on a MAC on ANDROID on LINUX … whatever !! What freedom !!
  4. NO UPGRADE WORRIES … come on you know this is a major pain. Trying to keep up with upgrades … updates … maintenance agreements and fees … yikes !! With cloud computing … all upgrades, updates, maintenance are FREE … and you’re always running the latest versions of all applications … you’re always using FRESH SOFTWARE with FRESH FEATURES.
  5. ALWAYS ON CAPABILITY … ALL applications are always available … anytime. Use applications as needs arise … need to create a quote on a Sunday afternoon from home? EWith cloud computing … NO PROBLEM !!
  6. IMPROVED MOBILITY and IMPROVED COLLABORATION … data and applications are available to employees no matter where they are in the world. Workers can take their work anywhere via smart phones and tablets working even while roaming in the shop or in the plant.
  7. MORE COST EFFECTIVE … with a predictable monthly expense and with no software, equipment, upgrades and maintenance contracts to purchase … you actually save money over the long term. 
  8. FLEXIBLE CAPACITY … quick and easy to ramp up and add users or additional applications … still with nothing to install or maintain !!

After reviewing the above … I mean REALLY thinking about it … you gotta admit that cloud computing deserves serious consideration. The above are only my favorite reasons … users I’m sure could add many more.


Again … coming from the older generation … below are some of the concerns I originally had regrading cloud computing.

  1. SECURITY … is my data safe? OK come on … what data? G code programs? Quotations? Estimates? In this particular scenario … The Kipware® Cloud … this is NOT an issue. We’re not talking about storing your banking or company information … our software does not involve anything that would be considered “valuable”.
  2. SECURITY II : taking the whole security thing a step higher … our hosting company spends all their time hosting and making sure the environment is safe and secure.  YOU DON’T EVEN DO THAT !! So we are already way more secure than even your local PC or company network !!
  3. COST : While it’s true you are paying a continuous monthly expense … for that low fee and for what you get and what you don’t have to deal with … upgrade fees, maintenance fees, equipment, crashes, lost time … it is well worth the fee for the convenience, accessibility, scale ability and reliability.
  4. INTERNET REQUIRED : come on … really … what device and where isn’t internet accessible? If not now it soon will be everywhere !!

So there you have it … cloud computing from an old man’s perspective.

BUT … we get it. Cloud computing might still be not right for you. That’s why we offer the BEST OF BOTH WORLDS. You can still purchase any and all Kipware® titles using the traditional delivery via CD or downloadable installation file for installation on a local PC. We aim to please.

If you are considering one or more of our Kipware® REAL WORLD software titles for your shop … your programming … your estimating … I would invite you to seriously consider The Kipware® Cloud. More information and complete pricing and package details can be found here at www.KipwareSoftware.com .

Thank you for your software interest … and for reviewing an old man’s post !!

Kenney Skonieczny – President
Kentech Inc.

The Kipware® Cloud Nears Launch – 4/15/2016

Years of planning … preparation … and execution are about to become reality as the innovators and pioneers at Kentech Inc. prepare to launch The Kipware® Cloud on April 15, 2016.


What is SaaS ?

Software as a service (or SaaS) is a way of delivering applications over the Internet—as a service. Instead of installing and
maintaining software on a PC, you simply access it via the Internet, freeing the user from “seats”, maintenance, “crashes” and all hardware management issues. SaaS applications oftentimes have different names such as web-based software, on-demand software, or hosted software. However it is referred … the basic idea is that the software is not installed or run on a local PC but is installed and run on the SaaS provider’s server and is accessed through an internet connection and browser. The provider manages access to the application along with security, availability, performance as well as all updates and upgrades.

What is The Kipware® Cloud ?

The Kipware® Cloud brings all of our world renowned CNC and machine shop software applications … proven in-the-trenches since 1986 … 3 decades … together under one roof … hosted in the cloud. Users having unlimited access to ANY or ALL Kipware® applications … at ANYTIME … from ANYWHERE … on ANY DEVICE.

The Kipware® Cloud utilizes a “private cloud” type environment which basically means each user is using their own, individual PC hosted over the internet. Only that user has access to their PC and it’s environment.

  • Need to generate a machining cycletime estimate … just log on and start KipwareCYC®.
  • Need to generate a cost estimate and quotation … just log on and start KipwareQTE®.
  • Want to create a CNC program for turning or milling using our world renowned conversational software … just log on and start KipwareM®, KipwareT® or the SketchPad.
  • Need to convert a G code program from Fanuc format to Okuma format … just log on and start Kipware® CNC XChange.
  • Need to convert ANY G code program from one format to another … just log on and start KipwareXC®.

The Kipware® Cloud frees the user from the constraints of the desktop or laptop or any single device … from installed software … from “seats” … from upgrade headaches … and so much more. Through the Kipware® Cloud, the innovators and pioneers at Kentech Inc. have taken another giant leap toward providing unprecedented efficiency and productivity to our Kipware® family.

WHY is the Kipware® Cloud a

While some CNC and machine shop software and CAD/CAM providers give the user access to ONE application … the Kipware® MAX Cloud gives the user access to a complete SUITE of applications as listed below … or build their own Kipware® MINI Cloud that would include only the application or applications they require from the list below. If your shop struggles with the “CNC control incompatibility” issue … The Kipware® CONVERSION Cloud can be the ticket to increased shop floor efficiency and productivity.

  • Create a machining cycletime estimate through our KipwareCYC® application.
  • Create a cost estimate and quotation through our KipwareQTE® application.
  • Create a milling G code program using our KipwareM® conversational CNC application.
  • Create a turning G code program using our KipwareT® conversational CNC application.
  • Create a turning or milling G code program from a DXF file or a user drawing using our Kipware® SketchPad conversational CAD/CAM application.
  • Convert a FANUC formatted milling or turning G code program to OKUMA format using our Kipware® CNC XChange application.
  • Convert an OKUMA formatted milling or turning G code program to FANUC format using our Kipware® CNC XChange application.
  • Convert any milling or turning G code program from one format to another using our KipwareXC® application.
  • Want to LEARN G code programming? Have a question about a G code command or it’s use? Fire up our KipwareEDU® CNC Programming Training and Reference application.

Through the Kipware® MAX Cloud, registered users have UNLIMITED access to ALL the applications outlined above … from anywhere … and on any device. And since it’s hosted in the cloud …

  • There’s nothing to install … just log on from anywhere and any device using only an internet connection.
  • No upgrades to worry about … you’ll always be using the latest version of all applications.
  • No PC “crash” worries … it’s not installed on your PC !!

All at a cost FAR LESS than the single application offerings of other providers !!

And the Kipware® MINI Cloud gives users the ability to have unlimited access from anywhere on any device and to select the
applications that make the most sense for their requirements. A Kipware® MINI Cloud subscription includes ANY (1) application from the list above with the ability to add additional titles for a small additional monthly charge. This option gives users the ability to BUILD a cloud solution based specifically on their needs and requirements.

The Kipware® CONVERSION Cloud gives users unlimited access to ALL the groundbreaking Kipware® G code conversion applications … from anywhere on any device. If your shop struggles with the “control incompatibility” issues … The Kipware® CONVERSION Cloud can put those issues behind and open up the door to increased shop floor efficiency and productivity. And because it’s cloud based … it’s available to anyone … anywhere … on any device.

If you are wondering about the PROS and CONS of SaaS and cloud computing … we put a list together and invite you to browse over to the Kipware® Cloud website to check ’em out HERE.

The Innovators and Pioneers at Kentech Inc.

Just want to take a moment to thank everyone who has been involved with the realization of this next step for Kentech Inc. and our Kipware® family. Lots of long hours and hard work have gone into this over many years … and we are SOOOO proud to be bringing one of the most innovative and pioneering machine shop / manufacturing tools to market.

You can rest assured that the work will not start with the launch but will continue as we support and continue to innovate as the years roll on.

Want to get in on the EFFICIENCY?

The first step is a trip to fully investigate The Kipware® Cloud and SaaS for Manufacturing … TAKE THE FIRST STEP HERE !!

We are now accepting pre-orders for The Kipware® MINI Cloud – The Kipware® MAX Cloud and The Kipware® CONVERSION Cloud HERE. Orders received will be operational form 4/15 to 4/18.

Kenney Skonieczny – President
Kentech Inc.