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This Chapter will deal with some information specific to KipwareXC® - User Defined G Code Conversion Software.


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General Outline :


KipwareXC® perfoms G code conversion by using user defined parameters stored in what we call a PROFILE.

Parameters of the Profile can be configured using a mix of pre-defined conversion options as well as user defined option through the KipwareXC® "macro language".

Pre-Defined Conversion Options ... Kentech developers have placed some common conversion options for user selection in the Profile. Common conversion options can be described as options that users throughout the industry may find these useful. Some pre-defined options that the user can choose to include in their Profile are :

Convert radius X to diameter X in turning

Convert incremental X-Y-Z moves to absolute in milling

Circular command conversions such as convert R to I-J-K or convert incremental I-J-K to absolute I-J-K

Axis inversion

and others

User Defined Conversion ... using a simple macro language users can set-up their own conversion options. These can be simple conversions like convert an M53 to an M33 ... or can be complex conversions involving a trigger code and multiple code conversion on the line that contains the trigger code. The KipwareXC® macro language will be described in more detail in another chapter of this manual.

A powerful feature of KipwareXC® is the ability to use a Primary and Secondary Profile in a single conversion operation. This allows for great flexibility with only the users imagination as the boundary.

KipwareXC® comes standard with the ability to convert BOTH milling and turning G code programs.


The KipwareXC® Conversion Process :


The process of file conversion involves only a few steps :

Start KipwareXC® and load the desired Primary Profile and if required, the Secondary Profile. A default Primary and Secondary Profile that will be auto loaded when KipwareXC® starts can be configured in the SETTINGS.

BROWSE the PC for the original program file to be converted.

Select the appropriate CONVERT button.

The conversion process will proceed. First the Primary Profile will be executed and then the Secondary Profile, if selected, will be executed. Once completed the original G code program and converted G code program will be displayed in the side by side full G code Editor for review. Users can perform any edits directly in the Editor if required.






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