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In the settings page users can set up KipwareQTE to reflect their environment. The software can be set up for inch or metric inputs and the currency symbol can be assigned. The currency symbol designated here will be used throughout all areas of KipwareQTE. The user can select from the pre-defined symbols available through the drop down menu, or enter any desired symbol in the field.

Because all calculations deal with a rounding up or down for places beyond the decimal point, users can configure the precision of the KipwareQTE calculations in the currency precision setting.

To ensure multiple users are utilizing the same database information, KipwareQTE gives the user the ability to store those files in a central location on a server. Through the default database path the user can tell the software the location of those files. This means that when KipwareQTE loads, it will look in this designated location and load database information from that location. To set this up, copy all database files, files with the dot dat extension, to the desired central location. Then set this default database path to that location and save the settings.

If you have purchased the KipwareTRK tracking application, set the path to the KipwareTRK exe file in the KipwareTRK application path field. By the default installation this is set to the KipwareTRK folder in the C drive.

Checking the AUTO INCREMENT boxes for Quotations and Invoices will cause the software to load the current Quotation and / or Invoice number into the current form for the appropriate report. If the box is unchecked ... the user can manually enter the Quotation number and Invoice number on the appropriate form. The user can also configure the CURRENT # and INCREMENT amount for each. When the software closes, a menu will be displayed where the user can choose to auto increment up the current quotation and / or invoice number by the increment amount as the software closes.

Opening the QUOTATION SETTINGS screen will give the user options to configure options displayed on the pre-formatted KipwareQTE® QUOTATION form.

The notes listed at the bottom of the pre-defined quotation form can be changed and altered through the quotation setting menu. There are four notes available for customization, simply type the desired note in the field and save the settings. These custom notes will automatically populate into the fields on the pre defined quotation form.

Additionally user defined payment terms and shipping options that will appear on the quotation specifics form can be designated and stored in the quotation settings. This makes for faster data entry when preparing a final quotation and these options will be available from the appropriate drop down lists on the quotation specifics form.

There are multiple pre-defined forms available to the user in KipwareQTE for preparing quotations, packing slips and invoices that contain the company contact information and logo. Using the owner’s contact information form, users can set the contact information that will automatically populate into these forms. In addition, the user can prepare a logo image for display on these forms. The user should prepare an image that is 240 by 120 pixels in size, and save that image to the KipwareQTE folder using the name logo dot bmp.




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