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Material Cost Form





KipwareQTE material cost estimating can be done using a variety of material specifications including weight, length, bar stock, plate stock and individual piece. Inputs can be drawn from the material cost database or the specifications can be manually entered.

To draw a material from the database, pull down the select material from the database drop down list. When the material name is selected, the type of material and material cost specifications will be loaded onto the form.

If weight, length or bar stock material type is selected, the user should then input the total length of the material required for each part. KipwareQTE will automatically calculate the cost based on the material weight based on the defined weight per foot or on the workpiece length and cost per foot.

If plate stock is selected, the user should input the total length and width required for each part. KipwareQTE will automatically calculate the number of plates required and total cost based on how many parts can be manufactured from the plate stock length and width and workpiece length and width specifications.

No user inputs are required for Casting / forging and individual piece material as each piece is priced directly.

The pre-defined markup percentage for material is also automatically loaded into the field and users can alter the percentage directly if desired.




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