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Tooling Cost Form





The inclusion of perishable tooling is an area often missed or not included in many users current estimating process. It is, however, an area where major costs are incurred and profits lost over the non inclusion of perishable tooling when creating a cost estimate.


KipwareQTE makes including perishable tooling costs quick and easy. Users can use information and tools stored in the tooling database or enter tools and costs manually. The number of perishable tools included in the cost estimate is unlimited. Along with the cost per tool, users can enter an estimated tool life. Using the part quantity specified in the estimate and the estimated tool life, KipwareQTE will auto calculate the number of each tool required along with the associated cost per part and total tooling cost and include those figures in the estimate.

The markup percentage for tooling cost is pulled from the database and displayed on the form. As always, users have the option to adjust this percentage directly on the form if desired.




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