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Non-Machining Cost Form





Non-machining costs are another area in KipwareQTE that is often overlooked or not included in current users estimating process. Services like deburring or packing, although incurring costs for the shop, are oftentimes not included in cost estimates. KipwareQTE makes it easy to include these costs and offers flexible options for pricing these services.


As mentioned in the non-machining database outline, non-machining services can be priced in a variety of ways. Using an hourly rate gives the user the ability to cost services based on the time required to complete the task. Using a fixed cost allows for inclusion of services perhaps performed by an outside vendor like plating or anodizing. And costing using a per piece cost allows the user to add value to each piece for operations or group of operations that are required to be performed on each workpiece.

The number of non-machining services that can be included in the estimate is unlimited.

This form also contains an area where users can cost CNC programming and set-up costs using an hourly rate and time required. Oftentimes CNC programming and set-up is priced differently than the hourly rate charged for machine time.

A non-machining markup percentage is also available for inclusion.





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