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Kipware® POST Files




First a basic understanding of the programming created by Kipware® conversational. Kipware® does not utilize post files like cad cam software does. Whatever format the user selects in the SETTINGS will become the default format for a G code created in Kipware®. For example, if the user selects Fanuc format, any G code created will be automatically generated in Fanuc compatible format. So this setting covers all the motion and cutting G code created.


Should the CNC machine require a format other than the ones available through the settings, the KipwareXC® G code conversion application is used. KipwareXC® is an option available for Kipware® conversational and can convert the standard Kipware® output into an output compatible with other machines and controls not available as a selection in the settings.

In addition to movement and cutting G code, the user has the ability to pre-define more machine specific blocks of code to be auto inserted into the program through the use of the Kipware® post files. Kipware® post files are created and edited through the Kipware® post editor.

Opening the post editor, there are areas for blocks of code that can be defined by the user. Those blocks are start and end characters in a program. For example, in a Fanuc control these characters are the percent sign. A pre-defined program start up block can be set as well as an end of program block. Blocks are also available for first tool start up, subsequent tool start up and tool end blocks.

Users can define as many different post files as required by the CNC machinery on the shop floor.

The user also has a couple of options to make using the post files more convenient. First, a default post file can be set up in the settings menu. Setting this default means that this post file will be the default post file used when creating programs.

The user also has the ability to select or change the post file prior to creating a program. Double clicking the post file selection field will give the user the ability to browse and select a post file other than the default which is pre loaded.

When you select create G code, the blocks of information contained in the selected post file will be automatically inserted into the G code program.





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