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View Operations Form




This chapter will outline the VIEW OPERATIONS option available in KipwareCYC.


To access VIEW OPERATIONS select the view operations button in the top menu bar. A list of the estimates current operations will be displayed. Users can easily see the time for each operation. After review the user may determine that higher times need to be adjusted and can return to that operations data page to adjust perhaps depth of cut or select different cutting parameters.

The view operations also give the user the ability to delete, copy and re-order operations.

To copy an operation, enter the number of the operation to be copied. The newly created operation is always placed at the end of the operations list. To complete the copy select the copy operation button. Once completed the user can return to that operations data page and make any necessary changes.

To delete an operation, click and highlight the operation in the list then select the delete operation button.

Users can change the order of operations by using the re-order option. Enter the number of the operation whose order you wish to change. Then enter the number where you wish to place the operation. Then select the re-order button. However, the order of the operations is generally not important since the end result is to calculate a complete cycletime, not to create a process of machining.

Users can also focus the view operations data on a single machine. Click the desired machine name from the list and then select view this machine. The data in the list will now only reflect operations and data for that machine. Select view all to return to a complete view for all machines and operations.





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