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Calculate Cost Screen




At any time while an estimate is being prepared, the user can select the calculate costs button to see the current costs. The calculate cost screen is a complete breakdown of all specifics for all the main areas of the estimate.



The top window shows total costs for the main areas of the quote including material, perishable tooling, labor and non-machining costs. In addition, calculated scrap costs are presented.

Scroll lists are available in each sub category to illustrate the amount of material required and associated costs, the number of tools required and costs, labor hours required for each operation on each machine along with associated costs and all non-machining services and associated costs.

Selecting the PRINT button will output a report with everything shown in this screen in a printed report.

Selecting the save button will allow users to save the same report information in CSV or spreadsheet format.

This screen is an invaluable report that can assist users in understanding the high cost areas of the quote. As a result the user can perform what if scenarios if desired to re calculate costs based on different criteria and specifications. This will ensure the quote they prepare meets their expectations but yet still reflects accurate costs and profits.





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