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Quotation Creation




Creating a formal quotation begins with the Quotation Creation screen. Here the user has a number of options that will effect the formatted quote.


The user can select up to 6 different quantities to include in the quote. As described previous the estimate is done using a base quantity entered in the estimate information form. From that base quantity KipwareQTE can amortize and calculate costs for up to 5 more additional quantities as entered here.


In addition, on this form the user can specify a separate discount factor as well as a delivery time frame for each quantity. To explain the discount factor further. For example, if the user enters a discount factor of .5 the associated costs for that quantity will be discounted by 50%. So the discount factor is the decimal equivalent of the discount percentage.

The user can also set how calculations for some non-machining costs will be handled. The setting can be made to use non-machining costs as is for all quantities, or to have a ratio of the current costs used for all additional quantities. For example, if a plating cost of $150 is used for a quantity of 100 parts, KipwareQTE would automatically increase the plating cost to $300 for 200 pieces if the ratio option is selected.

Other specifics that will be output in the quotation can also be selected here such as, Quotation number, quotation date, payment terms, shipping terms, F O B point, request for quote number if applicable. As outline previous, the contents of the payment terms and shipping terms drop down lists can be specified in the quotation settings menu.

The user can see a list of costs and prices by selecting the view quotation totals button. An image of the pre-defined quotation form with all costs and prices can be viewed using the view quotation form button. The quotation form can also be printed directly from that view if desired.

The user has the ability to print a formatted quote using 3 options. The pre-defined KipwareQTE Quotation form can be used and can be customized to include the owner contact information and logo through the quotation settings form as outlined previous. The quotation can be saved to a CSV file which is compatible for importing into Excel. And finally, the quotation can be saved to a text file for importing into Word or another text editing application. There are also many 3rd party applications available that will allow the user to print any format directly to a PDF file which can be attached to an email and delivered electronically.





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