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Run Time Calculator




This chapter will outline the Run Time Calculator application associated with KipwareCYC®.


RTC’s main goal is to provide a breakdown of labor costs and machining times as they pertain to a cycletime estimate. Users can utilize RTC as a stand alone application and calculator or in combination with KipwareCYC® and KipwareQTE®.

Fields on the form can be populated manually or through a previously created KipwareCYC® cycletime estimate and machine information stored in the KipwareQTE® Workcenter Database.

Users can input a machine name, hourly rate and efficiency factor for the machine. Next the number of parts to be manufactured in the production run is entered along with the total cycletime on that machine for each part in minutes. Users can also enter the number of hours they will operate the machine per day in the manufacture of that part.

Selecting calculate will start the calculations and the final display will show total hours required, total days required, and total labor costs for the production run.

To use RTC along with KipwareCYC®, start by selecting the load icon and select a previously created cycletime estimate. If the cycletime estimate contains multiple machines, users will be prompted to select the desired machine from the available machines contained in the estimate. If you are using RTC with KipwareQTE, you can auto load the labor rate and efficiency rating for the machine selected previously and included in the KipwareQTE workcenter database. If the machine is not in the database, manual entries can be input. Finally input the number of parts that will be machined in the production run and the number of hours intended to be worked per day and press calculate the see the results.

In addition to providing information for a production run, the run time calculator can also be used to perform what if scenarios perhaps involving hours worked per day or hourly rate labor charges.




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