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Operating a Kipware® Application - General Information




This chapter contains some general instructions pertaining to the operation of Kipware® applications like moving from field to field and the general operations of menus systems in the application.


Moving from Field to Field ... is best accomplished using the TAB key. Although the mouse works fine, the quickest and easiest method is to use the TAB key. Most fields on Kipware® screens are organized in a sequential manner and using the TAB key will move the cursor from one field to another in that organized sequential manner.


Companion Applications ... most Kipware® titles are also stand-alone applications. This gives the user the power and ability to use these applications on their own as well as through the integration with the main Kipware® title. For example ... the KipwareTP® toolpath plotter application can be started directly through the desktop icon and can be used independently to create a G code program manually from scratch directly in the KipwareTP® EDITOR. Once created that program can also be plotted directly to the screen within KipwareTP®. This type of design gives the user some great flexibility and options to get the most out of their Kipware® software.


Kipware® screens ... are organized in such a manner that the design allows for only one screen to be opened at any one time. The user must complete the inputs and close the open screen before another screen can be opened. This design helps maintain a stable environment and lessen the opportunity for errors or incorrect inputs.


Minimum Screen Resolution ... the minimum screen resolution recommended for all Kipware® titles is 1280 x 1080. If a menu is visible but does not fit completely on the screen ... you should attempt to adjust the screen resolution to it's maximum setting. Although not all Kipware® menus require 1280 x 1080 resolution ... that is recommended and smaller resolutions may encounter display issues.


MAXIMIZE and MINIMIZE Screen Adjustments ... only the Kipware® titles MAIN screen has the ability to be minimized. Most menu screens do not have the ability to be minimized once opened.


Screen Colors ... Kipware® screens and menus have been designed around the "standard" Windows color scheme. Any changes to that scheme or if the user has selected an alternative color scheme may result in unexpected and unsupported color displays.






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