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Program Options Toolbar




This chapter will outline the Program Options toolbar and the options available to the user.



The end result of using Kipware® conversational is to create a G code program that can be sent to the machine tool for execution. Basically, the word program has two meanings when applied to Kipware® conversational. That G code program can be considered a program but also the cycles and related operation and tool information created in Kipware® is also considered a program. Once the G code is created and saved, the contents of that file can only be edited through a text editor and only can be edited using G code language.


But conversational programs created in Kipware® conversational can also be saved. This program contains a list of cycles and related tool information and can be brought back into Kipware®. This will allow the user to utilize the conversational menus to make any changes. No need to work with the G code. A Kipware® conversational program file contains all the cycles used in the program, and all the operational and tool data that was entered and used in the Create Main Program menu.


So, in addition to saving the G code file for transfer to the machine tool, the user should also save the conversational program at the end of the programming process for possible re-loading and editing at a future time.


The first step in creating a program in Kipware® conversational is to give the conversational program a filename. This is entered in the field at the top of the tree labeled CURRENT PROGRAM NAME. When the conversational program is saved, this is the name that will be used.


In the Program Options toolbar, the user has the ability to load ( using the open folder icon ) and save ( using the disk icon ) the conversational program.


The notepad icon will open the Kipware® Editor which users can use to edit previously created G code programs or to create new G code programs.


The broom icon will delete all operation and tool data as entered in the operation screens of the Create Main Program module.








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