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Traditional Version Installation




Kipware® Software - Traditional Version Installation


A traditional installation of Kipware® software requires an installation file used to install the software on your PC. This installation file is delivered either via a shipped CD or via a web download of the installation file. In either case ... the file contained on the CD or the file downloaded from the web are the SAME file. That file is a complete installation file and contains all Kipware® files required for your Kipware® software to operate on your PC.


The downloaded file does NOT require any additional internet access to run. The only internet access required is to download the file ... it does not require internet access to run and your Kipware® software does NOT require internet access to operate at any time. Any file downloaded from the internet can be copied to a CD or memory stick and saved as a back-up. In addition, once the file is copied it can be moved to another PC and used to install the software on that PC. Each Kipware® purchase includes (2) seats standard ... meaning that the Kipware® software can be installed on two independent PC's.



Users are responsible for maintaining a copy of their original installation file. Kentech Inc. cannot and does not supply legacy installations. If a re-installation is required at a later date and the original installation is not available ... the only installation Kentech Inc. can provide is for the current version of the software ... and that will include an UPGRADE cost. BACK-UP YOUR INSTALLATION FILE ONTO A CD, MEMORY STICK OR SOME OTHER EXTERNAL MEDIA.


Steps for installation :


RUN the file either from the CD or the run file you downloaded from the internet.

Follow the on-screen prompts to the end of the installation.

There are minimum inputs or selection required by the user ... but where indicated make your desired selection.

At the end of the installation you should now have new Kipware® application icons on your desktop.


Steps for Product Activation :


After your software is installed ... a registration box will appear on your screen which will have your PC’s SITE CODE and MID number in the top section. These numbers are specific to that PC and are what we will use to generate your activation code. Every PC has it's own unique MID and SITE CODE and an unlock Activation Code generated for one PC WILL NOT work on any other PC. Each PC requires it's own unique unlock Activation Code ... each Kipware® purchase includes (2) Activation Codes ... or (2) "seats"

All titles included in your purchase will have the SAME MID and SITE CODE. You only need to submit the codes visible for any one application ... and unlocking one application will unlock them all.

Gather and record the MID and SIT CODE carefully ... then go to KIPWARE SUPPORT and follow the on screen instructions to SUBMIT the MID and SITE CODE for Kentech Support to generate and deliver your unique unlock Activation Code for that PC. Each PC requires this process to generate it's own unique unlock Activation Code.

Once we have received your request we will email you your activation code to the email address provided on the form. You will then enter the code in the activation code field in the registration box. Again we recommend copying and pasting the number to eliminate errors. Also take care to enter the correct code with the correct corresponding title.




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