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Threading Menu Notes




KipwareT® gives the user the ability to create G code for everything from a simple thread to complex threads with up to (2) different tapers and having other multiple options.



Start with the area to the left, TYPE OF CYCLE CREATION. The selection made here will result in certain fields on the form unavailable or available. If the desired field or option is not available, change the Type of Cycle until it becomes available.


FULL CANNED CYCLE should be used for straight, simple, normal threads. This will result in the appropriate Fanuc or Okuma threading canned cycle command in the output.


Limited Cycle should be selected for straight, simple, normal threads where the user wants to control the number of cuts and depth of cut as the thread cutting progresses. The user can control these factors through the Percentage of Cut, Minimum DOC and Threading Code inputs. The best thread cutting process uses a decreasing depth of cut approach. As the cuts get deeper into the thread, the depth of cut decreases to decrease the pressure on the tool. The Percentage of Cut gives the user the opportunity to input a percentage of the last cut to be used in the next cut. For example, the first pass will be executed at the DEPTH OF THE FIRST PASS increment. After that, the depth of cut will be calculated using the percentage of cut for each subsequent depth of cut ... each time decreasing the depth by the percentage.


Long Hand - Individual Lines should be used for complex threading and tapered threading. Most fields on the form will be available with this selection and user should enter all the information in all fields that pertain to the options selected.






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