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Grooving Menu Notes




KipwareT® contain multiple GROOVING menus for OD, ID, face and tapered grooves and many more. This chapter will outline some of the general nomenclature and options available in these menus.



Options related to corner chamfers and radius will only be available if FINISHING is selected.

Corner chamfers and radii are only available for external corners in most GROOVING menus.


New menus have been introduced that will create G code for a complete PROFILE of grooves for OD and ID grooves including chamfers and radii on outside as well as inside corners with radii. These menus will create a profiling toolpath ... roughing of the grooves should be done with the closest conventional grooving option that is available ... followed by this profiling toolpath for finish



In menus that create radius type grooves ... be aware that some of those menus are creating G code programming reflecting the CENTER OF THE ROUND INSERT as the programming point. These menus are marked and labeled as outlined below. The coordinates in the G code reflect the center of the insert ... and tool offset and set-up at the machine should be done in relation to the center of the insert.









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