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Editor & Plot Box




This chapter will outline the design and use of the KipwareTP® plot box and full G code editor.



If you wish to create a new G code program from scratch, after starting KipwareTP® select the editor icon and the editor will open with empty contents.


When loading a previously created G code program to be plotted,  the contents of the program are auto loaded into the PLOT BOX. The contents of the plot box is always the G code that will be plotted.

Although simple editing and altering can be done directly in the plot box, any enhanced editing should be done in the KipwareTP® editor. Selecting the Editor button located under the plot box or the editor icon in the toolbar, will open up the editor and it will contain the contents of the plot box.

The Editor is a full G code specific editor with many G code editing functions such as :

Search functions.

N number addition and re-sequencing. N number increments are pre-set to five.

Color highlighting using a user defined pallet. Users can create their own color pallet definitions and selecting the paint can icon will cause the pallet highlighting to be executed.

The ability to add or remove spaces between words in the G code program for increased readability.

The ability to invert G02 and G03 commands.

The ability to define and use override settings for scaling. The use of the Override feature will be outlined in more detail in another video.

The ability to auto convert between inch and metric. Inch metric options can be configured to include letter addresses not normally formatted in inch or metric.

If you are creating a new G code from scratch, or are making any changes to the G code from the plot box, you will need to re-load the editor G code into the plot box for plotting. Using the transfer icon the contents of the editor will be transferred to the plot box for plotting. Transferring to the plot box does not cause the changes to be saved to a file, it will just transfer the contents from the editor to the plot box. Once plotting is performed and you are satisfied that the changes are acceptable, you will need to select the save button under the plot box or return to the editor and save the file.





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