KipwareTP® contains a number of user configurable settings to enhance the software and to allow for different G code formatting.



KipwareTP® can be configured for inch or metric formatted G code. An additional setting for large format inch is available to plot inch formatted G code that contains large X, Y and Z coordinates.

The user can configure the color pallet for the software with settings for the background canvas color, the color for linear moves, the color for rapid moves, and the color for circular cutting moves.

Settings for lathe or turning G code include a setting for radius or diameter X, absolute or incremental arc centers in G02 and G03 moves, general program formatting, and live tool Y axis spindle address setting.

Milling circular cutting settings can be configured for absolute or incremental arc centers.

The axis grid on the plot screen can be turned on or off.

KipwareTP® can be configured to plot sub programs. Under the sub program settings, users can point the software where to look on the PC for the individual sub programs and configure the sub program call that will be encountered in the G code.

As an example, if the G code program contains a sub program call labeled M98 P2222, the sub program settings should reflect the sub program call as M98 P and the sub program file should be labeled 2222 and saved in the designated location.





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