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Introduction to KipwareTRK®




The idea and concept behind KipwareTRK was to create an application that can sort and track quotes and estimates using all user defined criteria. Although the design allows for the software to track virtually anything, the main design still reflects the tracking and sorting of quotes and estimates.


KipwareTRK works in conjunction with our KipwareQTE quoting and estimating software and quotes and estimates that have been created with KipwareQTE can be automatically loaded into KipwareTRK for sorting and tracking. How to link the two applications is covered in an additional KipwareTRK chapter.


The first task for the user is to define the search and sort criteria. The customer, part type, material and work center criteria are hard coded into the software, and are imported directly from any estimate created in KipwareQTE. In addition to these 4 criteria, the user can define an additional 16 main criteria.


Each one of these main criteria’s can have an unlimited number of user defined sub criteria’s. The user can define the main and sub criteria’s as anything the user desires. So you can see that KipwareTRK is very powerful and can track virtually anything based only on user definitions.

Records can be added, edited and deleted through the KipwareTRK main screen editor, which also serves as the sort and track main viewport. In the viewport users can select any defined criteria and sub criteria and sort the records in the viewport per those settings.

In addition to the visual sorting capabilities in the viewport, users can also use simple graphing functions to view sorted records in a graphical representation.

Using KipwareTRK users can track many different aspects of their quoting and estimating process. Not only something simple as which quotes are outstanding, or which quotes need follow-up attention, but also in depth analysis such as which materials do we quote more often, or do we quote more turning or milling work, and so on. With flexible, all user defined criteria driving the tracking and sorting, there are few limits to the functionality.






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