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The steps in setting up KipwareTRK® begins with the SETTINGS page. The SETTINGS page holds the path for the KipwareTRK® database files and the 16 criteria’s to be used to store data.


If KipwareTRK® is to be used by multiple users, it make sense to load the database files in a central location so all users can access and work with the same database information. KipwareTRK® database files end with the .dat extension, and can be found by default in the KipwareTRK® folder. Once the files are copied, the database path as set in the SETTINGS page should be configured by all users to point to that path.

There are 4 main criteria’s that come from quotes and estimated created using KipwareQTE®. Those criteria are customer name, part type, material and work center. The user can further configure up to 16 other criteria and those are configured in the SETTINGS page. In addition to defining the criteria, they can also be removed and reordered for display using the settings page as well.





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