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This Chapter will deal with some information specific to KipwarePA® - CNC Programming Assistant


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KipwarePA® is a G code programming assistant that makes creating G code programs fun, fast and accurate. KipwarePA® not only helps users learn to create G code, but will eliminate typing, which eliminates mistakes, allowing users to create error free programs quickly and easily.


KipwarePA® uses a point-and-click interface that will automatically create G code without the user having to remember cryptic G code language. The user can simply click the appropriate icon and KipwarePA® will auto insert the G code into the program.

When additional user information is required, KipwarePA® will prompt the user with simple fill-in-the-blank forms and then convert those fill-in-the-blank forms into G code and build that G code into the program, operation by operation.

Using KipwarePA®, the user sees the G code as it is created from the fill-in-the-blank forms or point and click options. This makes KipwarePA® a great learning tool, while creating G code programs for execution.

If you aspire to be or are a manual G code programmer, KipwarePA® is an important and useful tool to have in your arsenal. Eliminating costly manual errors and allowing for the faster creation of error free G code programs.





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