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Introduction and Basic Outline




KipwareCRM® is a cost review module as a companion application to KipwareQTE®. It is designed to be a simple way for users to compare actual costs versus estimated costs to ensure profitability.


In this chapter we will outline some of the basic design concepts and features for the use of KipwareCRM®.

After starting the software, the first task is to load a previously created estimate for comparison. Accomplish this task by using the LOAD AN ESTIMATE option under the UTILITIES menu area of the toolbar. If the estimate was prepared using multiple quantities, the user will be prompted to select the desired quantity from the available quantities available from the estimate to be used in the comparison.

You can review the contents of the current estimate by selecting the REVIEW THE CURRENT ESTIMATE option under the UTILITIES menu area of the toolbar.

As with KipwareQTE®, the comparison is broken down for the (4) main areas of the quote. Those areas are material, tooling, labor and non-machining costs. Each area can be designated for analysis using a general or itemized criteria. A general analysis will allow for a comparison between the total cost for the area. The itemized analysis will allow for more in-depth inputs and a more in-depth analysis for the area and the associated costs.

Once a selection is made for general or itemized, that classification is employed for that area of the quote for the duration of the session. Each area can have a different classification, but the classification selected at the start of that area analysis will be the default and cannot be changed during the session.

For an example of the itemized analysis, let’s look at the perishable tooling area of the quote. If we select the general analysis, you can see that we have very limited inputs and they deal with just the total tooling cost. If we select the itemized analysis, we have some extensive inputs available and can look at each individual tool and it’s associated costs for a more in-depth analysis and breakdown of the actual versus estimated tooling costs.


Depending on how in-depth the user would like to be in the cost analysis will determine the selection of general or itemized analysis. The advantage of having an individual selection for each area of the quote might be the amount of information available for analysis. For example, only the total actual material cost is available.

At any time, the user can select the COMPARE COSTS option. KipwareCRM® will display the actual versus the estimated costs for each area, and highlight profit in blue and loss in red for each area. The display will also show the total profit and loss and total profit and loss per part on the screen.

KipwareCRM® is a powerful yet simple to use tool to ensure you are not only winning work, but winning profitable work.




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