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In this chapter we will outline the ASSEMBLY estimating module available in KipwareQTE®. ASSEMBLY allows users to combine pre-created KipwareQTE® cost estimates with other individual components to create a combination estimate and quotation to provide to their clients.


An example might be a metal housing that consists of two end plates and a shaft. Using the KipwareQTE main module we can create estimates for the end plates and the shaft. Once completed we can import those estimates into ASSEMBLY and then we can add some individual components, for example labor to assemble the unit and a cost for painting. We can then create either a formatted quotation or a line item quotation to send to our client.

Let’s take an in-depth look at the menu bar options in ASSEMBLY.

The ESTIMATE INFORMATION menu allows the user to enter any pertinent information for the estimate including company name and other associated data as well as the number of assemblies being quoted.

The user can use the COMPONENT FILE option to load previously created KipwareQTE® estimates into the assembly quotation. Users can load an unlimited number of previously created KipwareQTE® estimates as part of a single assembly estimate.

Using the ADDITIONAL COMPONENT option, users can enter an unlimited number of components to be combined with the COMPONENT FILES previously illustrated. These items can be priced using an individual component cost and number of components required.

Selecting the CALCULATE COST option will display all the cost breakdowns as associated with the estimate being created.

Creating an assembly quotation is similar to the quotation options available in KipwareQTE®. The user has the option to create 6 different quotations for different quantities and can output a formatted quotation using the pre-configured KipwareQTE® quotation form, saving the quotation as a text file or as a CSV file.

One other quotation output option is the LINE ITEM QUOTATION option. This option will simply create a quotation that lists all component files and individual component costs included in the estimate. Output can be either through the pre-configured quotation form or to a CSV file to import into Excel.




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