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An open letter from the President of Kentech Inc...


Who are we?

How did Kentech and Kipware® begin and develop?


When you are investigating a purchase, I think it’s important to know a little background about the company and the people behind the product. I’m proud to detail the design, philosophy and development of Kipware® because I think it clearly reinforces our company motto of REAL WORLD software.


My name is Kenney Skonieczny and I am the founder of Kentech Inc. and the chief architect and developer of Kipware® software. I am a 3rd generation machinist following in the footsteps of my grandfather and father. My father encouraged me to start my manufacturing journey by coming to work with him at a machine rebuilding company. I quickly grew into my role as a manual machinist achieving Class A status operating various boring mills, Bullard VTL’s, OD and ID grinders as well as various lathes and milling machines. When a machine was brought in, my job was to diagnose any problems and design and machine any needed replacement parts. These proved to be great experiences in both mechanical design and machining.



















As the company grew … they transitioned into the world of CNC. I was selected to be the lead person to learn CNC programming and operation as well as troubleshooting and repair of both the mechanical and electrical of the machine tools we would distribute … Mori Seiki CNC machines. I was chosen to attend programming and machine training at the Mori Seiki factory in Japan. Upon my return my real journey into the world of CNC began.


Over the next 30+ years my journey included years of application and service engineering for a variety of CNC machine tool builders and types of CNC machines. All the while I was enhancing my machining and metal working experience and programming skills. My jobs also included stints in CNC programming utilizing various CAD/CAM packages, Tool & Die Engineering and Manufacturing Engineer in a high production environment. These REAL WORLD experiences shaped my vision and philosophy of the type of software products I wanted to develop when I started Kentech Inc. … software that would fill the voids I saw firsthand through my REAL manufacturing experiences.


I am proud that since 1986 when Kentech Inc. was incorporated, thousands of machinists and machine shops all over the world have used my Kipware® software to build their businesses and meet their manufacturing challenges. I invite you to explore our various Kipware® titles through our website and YouTube videos. I hope that you will see their REAL WORLD value and give us a chance to welcome you into the Kipware® family.


Kenney Skonieczny

President – Kentech Inc.


Our Business Model is Different ...


  • We're Transparent. We don't hide behind forms and email harvesting ... our website offers tons of video content, whitepapers and text outlining all aspects and features of our titles.


  • We believe "an educated consumer is our best customer."


  • Transparent Pricing. You don't have to call for pricing ... or a quote ... All pricing is available in our store.


  • We are INNOVATORS and PIONEERS. We don't just gather information from the Internet and pretend to "make software for machinists". We create software using our experiences to solve REAL WORLD manufacturing issues with innovative designs and concepts.


  • Our G code conversion software is a groundbreaking concept ... our quoting and estimating software was built on the shop floor ... and our innovative conversational CNC programming software has become the GOLD STANDARD for everyday shop floor programming.


  • Live OnLine Demonstrations. Can't find the information you need ... just tell us and we can schedule a one-on-one live, online demonstration where you can see the software in action, ask questions and get answers in real time.


  • Our goal is to meet the software needs of Real World machine shops. We continue to improve and refine our products based on what we as machinists and programmers, know the current needs of the manufacturing market are and will be.

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