The Pandemic and Kentech Inc.

A message to Past & Future Clients

Kentech Inc. is an internet based company, staffed by employees who have been based in “home” offices since the 1990’s. We have been creating and supporting groundbreaking and innovative CNC and machine shop software with this strategy for over 30+ years. 

We stand ready and able to support any sales or support inquiry … 24/7 … as normal. 

We wish everyone to stay safe … stay well … and stay strong through this unprecedented time.



Covid-19 … CNC Machine Shops … and Kipware® …
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The "New Normal" is HERE ...Are You Ready ??

As workplaces "open up" again, they will look very different than they did prior to Covid-19.

Smaller workforce's ... different skill level workforce's ... smaller margins ... faster deliveries.

Your shop floor has changed ... it needs :

  • INNOVATIVE tools
  • FASTER tools
  • EFFICIENT tools
  • EASIER tools

Kipware® software was made for this !!

"The truth is, unless you realize the old ways are not performing for YOU ... you cannot move forward."

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