The Pandemic and Kentech Inc.

A message to Past & Future Clients

Kentech Inc. is an internet based company, staffed by employees who have been based in “home” offices since the 1990’s. We have been creating and supporting groundbreaking and innovative CNC and machine shop software with this strategy for over 30+ years. 

We stand ready and able to support any sales or support inquiry … 24/7 … as normal. 

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Kentech Inc. has instituted a Covid-19 Vaccine Mandate for ALL Employees

There is no acceptable reason to put the lives of your family and your community at risk. Covid-19 vaccines have proven to be effective and safe … with overwhelming evidence that they are the best alternative to stop the virus and keep the worldwide human population safe.

If the virus is not contained, dangerous mutations will continue to develop and spread with devastating consequences for human life.

For that reason, any employee of Kentech Inc. that cannot show proof of a Covid-19 vaccine or a valid medical reason why a Covid-19 vaccine cannot be administered by August 15th, 2021 … will have their employment terminated immediately. 

We encourage ALL employers to follow and support the sound example of the federal government and other industry leaders in requiring their employees to obtain a Covid-19 vaccine as a means of showing their love and support for their fellow human being. We also encourage all consumers to support companies and business that support a Covid-19 vaccines mandate for their  employees … a bold move but the best alternative to insure the safety of it’s employees and customers.

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