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To Help Your Shop Eliminate CNC Control Incompatibility

D.BarnesLandis Solutions
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"You are a life saver. You guys are a world class company! I recommend you to everyone I know."
Geroge McLellan
Geroge McLellanNew Zealand
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"I have KipwareT and like it so much I would like to get KipwareM for my mill ..."
S. Shepherd
S. ShepherdAdvance Turning & Mfg.
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"I’m telling you, I can’t say enough good stuff about you and your service!!"
John C.
John C.N2XD
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"I received a call early this morning from the fellows at the other site and they are just elated about the KipwareM. In fact some of them stayed there until midnight to play with it."
Pete R.
Pete R.
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"I really like Kipware. I still have Mastercam as well, although I have mixed feelings about it. It has its good points and I use it for certain things, but as a case in point, with the 3D BOWL ... in Mastercam I would have to model it, stock setup, toolpath, etc.!" In KipwareM, just fill in the blanks !!
Barbara B.
Barbara B.Prentke Romich
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"I have tried out the new grid upgrade for milling pockets - it looks like that will suit very well!! It responded just as I thought it should and the pockets were milled out per spec. I am so excited! ... Thank you so much and to all your team – wonderful job!!"
S. Bader
S. Bader
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"Very happy with the software (KipwareCYC and KipwareQTE). Nice to see a company that takes steps to use space efficiently and promote user simplicities. Much needed in a world of bloated programs."
Terri D.
Terri D.Advanced Precision Engineering
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Thanks for making one of my first tasks at my new job go so smoothly! 🙂 Your quick reply was appreciated as we had a machine stopped. Thank you!

Eliminate CNC Control Incompatibility !!

fanuc okuma haas g code conversion software

STOP the Post Processor MADNESS !!

Cryptic post processor languages that require a computer programming degree to edit are a thing of the past with Kipware® CONVERSION software. Kipware® means clean crisp interfaces, using plain phrasing with tons of user available options that will have all your CNC equipment operating seamlessly. 

Changes to the post processor only works for posted files. Working with the G code files allows for mass changes / updates to new G code … old G code … proven G code that you want to move from one machine to another … etc. … opening up a new world of possibilities beyond post processors. And editing posts just locks you deeper into a CAD/CAM system.

RE-POSTING G code so you can run it on a different machine with a different format … or re-programming proven G code to accommodate a new machine and control costs your shop time and money … it’s old school thinking.

KipwareXC® and CNC XChange are new school and have changed the landscape of “control incompatibility” on today’s shop floor for thousands of manufacturers around the world. Machine tool dealers have also been able to break down the “control incompatibility” barrier in their machine tool sales thanks to Kipware® conversion.

Purchase the Equipment You Need and Want ... Worry Free

Kipware G CODE CONVERSION software makes all your shop florr CNC machines operate seamlessly.

Kipware® CONVERSION software has enabled hunders of shops around the world to purchase the CNC equipment they needed … without worrying about compatibility with their existing equipment or programming capabilities.

“KipwareXC® and CNC XChange enabled us to purchase the new machine we needed … and easily convert our whole product line of CNC programs from our existing format to the format required for the new machine. These were proven programs that have been running for years. Having to re-program them would have been a non-starter when considering the purchase of the new machine with the capabilities we needed to grow our business. Not to mention the cost savings by eliminating any re-programming and prove-out. “

Kipware G CODE CONVERSION software makes all your shop florr CNC machines operate seamlessly.

Make All Your Machines Operate SEAMLESSLY !!

KipwareXC® and CNC XChange will eliminate any control incompatibilities on your floor and allow for the easy moving of G code from one machine to another. Eliminate scheduling bottlenecks and move G code between machines confidently … without re-programming … tweaking … or re-posting.

“When a specific CNC machine is busy on the floor, we simply run the G code through KipwareXC® and in seconds it is perfectly re-formatted for use in any other machine available on the floor. KipwareXC® has been a game changer for us.”


User Configurable G Code Conversion Software

Designed to be completely customizable by the user so KipwareXC® can handle virtually any G code conversion.

Put an end to CNC control incompatibility and release your shop floor to work seamlessly !!

Kipware® CNC XChange

Pre-Configured G Code Conversion Software

We’ve done all the work so your Fanuc … Haas … Okuma … and more … CNC machines and controls can just work … seamlessly.

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