Kipware Conversational #CAM … It’s Like Driving a Sports Car !!

Kipware® Conversational CNC programming is like driving a sports car, while CAD/CAM is akin to driving an older car. Let’s break it down:

  1. Conversational CNC Programming (Sports Car):
    • Speed: Like a sports car, Kipware® conversational is agile and quick. It allows programmers to create CNC toolpaths directly at the machine interface without relying on complex software.
    • Flexibility: Just as a sports car can swiftly adapt to different road conditions, Kipware® conversational enables quick adjustments and modifications to machining operations on the fly.
    • Intuitiveness: Similar to how a sports car’s controls are designed for a seamless driving experience, Kipware conversational’s interface is user-friendly, allowing operators to input machining parameters without extensive training.
    • Efficiency: Sports cars are engineered for high performance; likewise, Kipware conversational optimizes machining processes for efficiency and productivity.
  2. CAD/CAM (Old Car):
    • Complexity: CAD/CAM systems, like older cars, can be more intricate and require a learning curve to master. They involve designing parts in CAD software and then generating toolpaths using CAM software.
    • Reliability: Just as an older car may require more maintenance and upkeep, CAD/CAM systems require regular updates and troubleshooting to ensure smooth operation.
    • Precision: CAD/CAM systems excel in producing intricate and precise machining instructions for complex parts and require extensive training to operate. When simpler parts are involved, that precision and training often removes good chipmakers from the programming process.

In essence, Kipware® conversational CNC programming software offers speed, agility, and simplicity akin to driving a sports car, while CAD/CAM provides the precision and automation capabilities reminiscent of an older car’s reliability and complexity.

We invite you to explore Kipware® conversational in more detail HERE.

Kenney Skonieczny – President
Kentech Inc.

KipwareT® – Conversational CAM for TURNING – New Release

Kentech Inc. is pleased to announce new menu additions for our LIVE TOOL option for KipwareT® – Conversational CNC Programming Software for TURNING … details are below.

Live Tool Conversational CNC Programming with KipwareT®STRAIGHT SLOTTING

This new menu allows for the creation of G code to mill a slot or series of slots along the Z axis. The slots can be straight or fluted, determined by the user. The user can also use just this one menu to create code to mill an unlimited number of slots at incremental angles from each other.

Live Tool Conversational CNC Programming with KipwareT®


This new menu allows for the creation of G code to mill a slot or series of slots along the Z axis where the angle at the midpoint is different than the start / end. The user can also use just this one menu to create code to mill an unlimited number of slots at incremental angles from each other.

Version 24.3.0 is shipping standard as of 04/12/2024.

You can get full details on KipwareT® through the link below :

KipwareT – Conversational CNC Programming CAM for Turning

Kenney Skonieczny – President
Kentech Inc.

KipwareM® – Conversational CAM for MILLING – New Release

Version 23.0.0 of our KipwareM® – Conversational CNC Programming Software for MILLING has been released. This release includes a multi-location feature for easy repeating SQUARE / RECTANGULAR BOSS … O RING GROOVES … ROUND BOSS machining in mutliple locations using a single menu form.

How does the multi locations meaning work?

(1) Select the conversational menu desired … square / rectangular boss, O ring groove or round boss … input the specifics as they relate to the shape and machining … size, depth of cut, cutter diameter, etc..

(2) Select LOCATIONS button and the above form will be displayed. User can enter an UNLIMITED number of locations either manually, through the reading of a DXF file where every POINT in the DXF is brough in as a location … or to have the locations automatically calculated using a BOLT CIRCLE, GRID or LINE-AT-AN-ANGLE conversational menu.

(3) Returning to the original menu … select CREATE PROGRAM … and the defined shape and G code program will be auto created with the machining taking place at each location previously defined.

A sample RECTANGULAR BOSS plot is illustrated below.

This is a terrific time saver when identical shapes are required in multiple locations. This location option wax previously available in other menus … but now has been extended to almost all conversational menus.

Version 23.0.0 is shipping standard as 02/20/2024.

UPGRADE pricing and purchase options are available in the Kipware® OnLine Store …

Kenney Skonieczny – President
Kentech Inc.

KipwareXC® – The Intelligent Post Processor Alternative … Maybe Genius Level !!

One of the biggets, constant and universal struggles in machine shops around the world is the “control incompatibility” issue. G code formats between CNC controls are different … Fanuc different than Okuma … different than Fagor … different than Mazak … different than Haas … and on and on. The result is that G code created for one machine won’t run in a different machine … leading to re-posting … or re-programming … or worse.

But the GENIUS developers at Kentech Inc. have created the ultimate solution.

Kentech Inc. has been developing pioneering and ground-breaking G code conversion since 1986 when first commissioned by Raytheon Corp. to help with their shop’s control incompatibility issues. Those years of experience went into the development of both our KipwareXC® and Kipware® CNC XChange applications … resulting in easy-to-use and powerful conversion applications. thousands of shops around the world use KipwareXC® and CNC XChange to allow all their shop floor machinery to operate seamlessly … putting an end to the time consuming and error prone re-posting or re-programming of proven G code programs.

But what are the advantages of G code conversion software?

Kipware® conversion software is a bit mind blowing because not many similar type of applications exist. But once you see the advantages … it all becomes clear and makes enormous sense. Here goes :

  1. Proven G code running on the shop floor more often than not contains tweaks and edits that were needed due to cutting conditions, re-design or to just plainly increase efficiency. Converting that proven G code from one format to another using Kipware® means none of those nuance’s are lost … whereas re-posting or re-programming means basically going back to square one … resulting in hours of lost time and re-prove-out meaning non-productive machining.
  2. With the cost of post processors ever on the rise … Kipware® conversion allows users to generate G code using one post processor … and then convert that standard G code output into output compatible with other machines and controls with just a single purchase of an application like KipwareXC®.
  3. KipwareXC® allows users to create an unlimited number of PROFILES … the what-to-convert-into-what … and select the desired PROFILE at the time of conversion to auto-convert the original file to the new format.One purchase can handle an unlimited number of conversion scenarios.
  4. Since KipwareXC® is completely user-configurable … you have control of the output rather than being at the mercy of some CAD/CAM post processor developer.
  5. KipwareXC® and CNC XChange uses plain English and simple forms to tell the software what-to-convert-into-what. Editing a post processor usually requires some coding experience and the cryptic post-processor language is difficult to understand and edit. And making mistakes can have devestating consequences.
  6. Having the ability to easily and confidently convert proven G code into another format gives shop’s the choice to purchase the new machine that best fits their needs … not one that matches the G code format already in play. The ramp up time is much quicker because programmers don’t need to learn the new programming format as quickly … since they will be auto-converting proven G code to the new format and will be up and running while they ramp up.
  7. In order to re-post files from one format to another … the original CAD file must be accessable. Often times those files are not available or are outdated … with edits / changes made to the G code directly on the shop floor. Sinec Kipware® only requires the G code program … that problem is eliminated.
  8. Are you a machine tool sales professional? KipwareXC® and CNC XChange can eliminate the control incompatibility from your sales resulting in increased sales and happier clients.

The Genius of KipwareXC® as a Post Processor with Kipware® Conversational CAM

Kipware® conversational CAM has changed the landscape for thousands of shops around the world by freeing them from the “CAD/CAM only” model … by allowing more chipmakers to get involved with the evryday G code creation … and by speeding up the G code creation by eliminating the need for a CAD model or drawing as the starting point for G code creation. But here is the GENIUS of the combination of Kipware® conversational and KipwareXC® :

  1. Programmers use the same Kipware® conversational CAM interface to create G code. Kipware® creates Fanuc, “fanuc compatible”, Haas and Okuma G code out-of-the-box … no post or anything additional is required. For machines that are not “fanuc compatible” we offer KipwareXC® as an option at a reduced price.
  2. Users can continue to create G code using the same Kipware® conversational interface … regardless of what machine / control they are creating G code for … spend more time creating G code and less time learning software. Once the program is completed … they run that G code through KipwareXC® using the PROFILE desired … and the standard Kipware® output is auto-converted to the format desired.
  3. And KipwareXC® can be employed for ANY G code file … whether created in Kipware® conversational CAM or not … GENIUS !! That opens even more options to eliminate control incompatibility.

Using our years of G code conversion development means that many features have been employed in KipwareXC® and CNC XChange so the applications can handle any conversion scenario. Options have been developed to handle G code rigidly formatted created with a CAD/CAM system to unformatted G code created by hand programming.

It’s time to re-think the shop floor. Think about what it would mean for your productivity and profitability if all your shop floor machine’s ran seamlessly.

Interested? Check out all the Kipware® conversion titles through the links below … or give Kentech Inc. a call today and let’s re-imagine your shop floor.

More Info on KipwareXC® … Click Here

More Info on CNC XChange … Click Here

Kenney Skonieczny – President
Kentech Inc.

New CNC XChange Feature — Enhanced Search and Replace for G Code Conversion

Version 20.0.0 of our CNC XChange – Fanuc / Haas <–> Okuma G code conversion software has been released.

Enhancements to this version include the ability to define multiple replace condiitons for a single line whne performing G code conversion. For example :

Replace : G83Z-1.000Q.100E.012

with : G74Z-1.000K.100F.012

This conversion can be set up in the CNC XChange User Options by simply defining the original code and replacement code using the * character like so :

Original Code : G83*Q*E*

Replacement Code : G74*K*F*

With the above we have defined G83 as the TRIGGER CODE … meaning whenever the software detects a G83 line it will perform the defined replacements … G83 to G74 … Q address to K address … E address to F address.

Unlike cryptic post processor language, the CNC XChange User Options use a simple code macro language that is far easier to understand, learn and implement … as the aboive demonstrates.

The CNC XChange User Options contain many other proven-over-the-years features that allow the user to set up complex G code conversions with little effort and no complicated coding type language. You can check out some of the other features through the link below :

For more information on CNC XChange … please visit

Kenney Skonieczny – President
Kentech Inc.

KipwareM® Conversational CAM for Milling – New Feature Release – Next Tool Look Ahead & T Call

Kentech Inc. has released Version 22.1.0 of our KipwareM® – Conversational CNC Programming Software for Milling. This release contains a new feature to enable the output of the next T command … referred to some time as pre-loading the next tool … when outputting G code. Pre-loading allows the next tool to index and be ready for a tool change as the current tool is machining.

This feature is user configuravble through the SETTINGS as outlined in the screenshot below.

Pre-Loading T Command for CNC Milling Machine

KipwareM® has multiple user selectable options when it comes to tool change output … here is a brief explanation of each :

  • SINGLE LINE or DOUBLE LINE tool change commands can be configured.
  • NEXT TOOL LOOK AHEAD can be set to ON or OFF through the check box. If OFF … none of the options outlined below will be output.

NEXT TOOL LOOK AHEAD will cause the next T command to be auto-inserted into the program using Format A or Format B.

FORMAT A will cause the next tool T command to be inserted on the line following the current tool change command … an example :

T01M06 ( current tool change command )
T02 ( next T command )

FORMAT B will cause the next T command to be inserted after the first Z move line … an example :

T01M06 ( current tool change command )
T02 ( next T command )

These settings now allow the user to configure the next T command call to be most compatible with their CNC control & machine.

Kenney Skonieczny – President
Kentech Inc.

Benefits of KIPWARE® Conversational CNC CAM vs. CAD/CAM

As we update steadly in this BLOG, there has been constantly growing interest in KIPWARE conversational CNC programming software as an alternative to traditional CAD/CAM systems. So much so that KIPWARE® is now the fastest growing brand of PC based conversational CAM in machine shops around the world. Clients are discovering that KIPWARE Conversational CNC programming offers several advantages over CAD/CAM, particularly for certain applications and user scenarios. Here are some benefits of KIPWARE® conversational CNC programming software:

1. User-Friendly Interface: KIPWARE® Conversational CNC programming software employs a user-friendly, intuitive interface that allows users without extensive CNC programming knowledge to create CNC programs easily. The software presents questions and prompts in a conversational format, guiding users through the programming process step by step.

2. Reduced Learning Curve: CAD/CAM systems can be complex and require significant training to use effectively. KIPWARE® Conversational programming is simpler to learn and use, making it more accessible to operators and less experienced CNC programmers.

3. Faster Programming: For simple and standard machining operations, KIPWARE® conversational CNC programming can be much faster than traditional CAD/CAM systems. Users can quickly input the required parameters without the need to create detailed 3D models or use extensive toolpath strategies.

4. Ideal for Prototyping and One-Off Jobs: When working on prototypes or one-off parts, KIPWARE® conversational programming can be more efficient. It allows programmers to quickly create simple toolpaths without investing significant time in CAD model creation and complex CAM strategies.

6. Accessibility for Small Shops: Smaller machining shops or hobbyists find KIPWARE® conversational CNC programming software more affordable and suitable for their needs compared to full-fledged CAD/CAM solutions, which can be expensive.

7. Simplified Updates and Maintenance: KIPWARE® Conversational CNC programming software is less complex than CAD/CAM systems, making updates and maintenance potentially more straightforward and less time-consuming.

As technology evolves, and the skills shortage has become more pronounced, KIPWARE® conversational has become one of the fastest growing brands in machine shops around the world.

Check out the full KIPWARE® line of conversational CAM here :

Kenney Skonieczny – President
Kentech Inc.

Why KIPWARE® Conversational CNC Programming Software is BETTER than CAD/CAM

Conversational CNC programming software is better than CAD/CAM for several reasons.

First, it is much easier to learn and use. Conversational CNC programming software uses a point-and-click interface, which makes it easy for even beginners to create CNC programs. CAD/CAM software, on the other hand, requires a much higher level of technical knowledge.

Second, conversational CNC programming software is much faster. With conversational CNC programming software, you can create CNC programs in minutes, while CAD/CAM software can take hours or even days. This is a major advantage for small businesses and shops that need to be able to quickly turn around orders.

Third, conversational CNC programming software is much more affordable. CAD/CAM software can be very expensive, while conversational CNC programming software is much more affordable. This makes it a great option for small businesses and shops that are on a budget.

Here are some of the benefits of using conversational CNC programming software:

  • Easy to learn and use
  • Fast and efficient
  • Affordable
  • Versatile
  • Powerful
  • Accurate
  • Reliable

If you are looking for a CNC programming software that is easy to learn, fast, and affordable, then KIPWARE®conversational CNC programming software, the gold standard in PC based conversational, is the best option for you.

Check it all out here :

Kenney Skonieczny – President
Kentech Inc.

The Effects of Inaccurate Cycletime Estimating in Your Machine Shop

Machining time estimation is the process of predicting how long a machining operation will take to complete. It is important for profitability but also for the  planning, scheduling, costing and optimizing machining processes.

The most common focus on innaccurate cyceltime estimating is in the profit and loss of higher or lower times when machining the workpiece. But other factors also come into play and are just as important and can have very detrimental effects on your shop.

Inaccurate machining time estimation can have negative effects on the efficiency and profitability of machining operations. Some of those effects are :

  • Overestimating machining time can lead to underutilization of machine capacity, wasted resources, higher production costs and lower competitiveness.
  • Underestimating machining time can lead to overloading of machine capacity, delays in delivery, poor quality and customer dissatisfaction.
  • Inaccurate quoting: This can lead to lost sales or unhappy customers.
  • Inaccurate scheduling: This can lead to production bottlenecks and missed deadlines.
  • Inaccurate capacity planning: This can lead to over or under-investment in equipment and resources.

Therefore, it is important to use reliable methods and data to estimate machining time as accurately as possible.

KipwareCYC® … machining cyctime estimating software from Kentech Inc. is a proven in-the-trenches solution for accurate machining time estimation and is trusted by thousands of machine shop of all sizes around the world.

You can get more information on KipwareCYC® through this link :

Kenney Skonieczny – President
Kentech Inc.

There’s a NEW MEANING for the Acronym CAD/CAM …

The success of Kipware® conversational CNC programming software … conversational CAM … has meant a new meaning has been given to the acronym CAD/CAM.

  • NO LONGER is creating a DRAWING the start point for CNC programming .
  • In fact, NO LONGER is the entire CNC programming process driven by a drawing.

Kipware® conversational has taken the concept of creating G code to another level. A level that includes ease-of-use … a level that invites everyone ( not just CAD/CAM users ) to creater and explore G code creation … a level where speed and increased efficiency is a standard when creating G code programs. And as a result … the new meaning for the acronym CAD/CAM has been crowned :

  • C = CANCEL
  • A = ALL
  • /

Join us in the fight to END CAD/CAM OVERKILL … and spend more time MAKING CHIPS … NOT DRAWINGS … with Kipware® conversational CNC programming software.

Kenney Skonieczny – President
Kentech Inc.

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