New Release – KipwareT® Conversational Tapered-Radius Groove

We are pleased to announce the release of (3) new features to our KipwareT® conversational CNC programming software for turning.  We have released (3) new conversational menus … they are :

  1. O.D. Tapered Radius Groove – an OD groove with tapered sidewalls with a a blend radius in between.
  2. O.D. Radius Groove – an OD groove that does not contain straight sidewalls but is a complete radius.
  3. O.D. Ball – a spherical OD


In this post we would like to outline the O.D. TAPERED RADIUS GROOVE. Below is the conversational menu … and we have quite a few powerful machining options available to the user.


  1. The ROUGHING CYCLE for the groove begins with a cut down the center of the groove … then the machining of the left side then right side of the groove. The user can define three types of cutting … PECKING with a chip break … PECKING with complete retraction … or STRAIGHT grooving. The user can also choose to perform the peck cycle ONLY during the first cut down the center of the groove … so the sidewall grooving will be done using a straight grooving type cut. This is easily selectable using a simple checkbox.
  2. The user can select to perform ROUGH and / or FINISHING with the tool. So the groove can be machined completely with one tool or the cycle can be invoked twice … once roughing and once finishing.
  3. The FINISHING CYCLE can be selected for a single pass … down the left side along the arc and then up the right side … or double pass meaning down the left side angle and along the arc to the center of the arc then up and over to the right side start point, down the right side angle and along the arc to the center of the arc. This is easily selectable using a simple checkbox.
  4. Depth of cut in Z as well as depth of peck in X are all user defined … giving the user powerful inputs to handle all types of material and cutting scenarios.
  5. Of course ANY user defined angle and radius can be defined using the simple fill-in-the-blank form … so handling any kind of groove configuration is simple.

Below is an animated GIF showing a sample rough and finish cycle in action via our KipwareTP® toolpath plotting software.


We will be publishing additional posts covering the (2) other new menus in the coming days … along with a complete video presentation … stay tuned.

To check out all the features and power of KipwareT® … PLEASE CLICK HERE.


Kenney Skonieczny – President
Kentech Inc.