KipwareXC® – The Intelligent Post Processor Alternative … Maybe Genius Level !!

One of the biggets, constant and universal struggles in machine shops around the world is the “control incompatibility” issue. G code formats between CNC controls are different … Fanuc different than Okuma … different than Fagor … different than Mazak … different than Haas … and on and on. The result is that G code created for one machine won’t run in a different machine … leading to re-posting … or re-programming … or worse.

But the GENIUS developers at Kentech Inc. have created the ultimate solution.

Kentech Inc. has been developing pioneering and ground-breaking G code conversion since 1986 when first commissioned by Raytheon Corp. to help with their shop’s control incompatibility issues. Those years of experience went into the development of both our KipwareXC® and Kipware® CNC XChange applications … resulting in easy-to-use and powerful conversion applications. thousands of shops around the world use KipwareXC® and CNC XChange to allow all their shop floor machinery to operate seamlessly … putting an end to the time consuming and error prone re-posting or re-programming of proven G code programs.

But what are the advantages of G code conversion software?

Kipware® conversion software is a bit mind blowing because not many similar type of applications exist. But once you see the advantages … it all becomes clear and makes enormous sense. Here goes :

  1. Proven G code running on the shop floor more often than not contains tweaks and edits that were needed due to cutting conditions, re-design or to just plainly increase efficiency. Converting that proven G code from one format to another using Kipware® means none of those nuance’s are lost … whereas re-posting or re-programming means basically going back to square one … resulting in hours of lost time and re-prove-out meaning non-productive machining.
  2. With the cost of post processors ever on the rise … Kipware® conversion allows users to generate G code using one post processor … and then convert that standard G code output into output compatible with other machines and controls with just a single purchase of an application like KipwareXC®.
  3. KipwareXC® allows users to create an unlimited number of PROFILES … the what-to-convert-into-what … and select the desired PROFILE at the time of conversion to auto-convert the original file to the new format.One purchase can handle an unlimited number of conversion scenarios.
  4. Since KipwareXC® is completely user-configurable … you have control of the output rather than being at the mercy of some CAD/CAM post processor developer.
  5. KipwareXC® and CNC XChange uses plain English and simple forms to tell the software what-to-convert-into-what. Editing a post processor usually requires some coding experience and the cryptic post-processor language is difficult to understand and edit. And making mistakes can have devestating consequences.
  6. Having the ability to easily and confidently convert proven G code into another format gives shop’s the choice to purchase the new machine that best fits their needs … not one that matches the G code format already in play. The ramp up time is much quicker because programmers don’t need to learn the new programming format as quickly … since they will be auto-converting proven G code to the new format and will be up and running while they ramp up.
  7. In order to re-post files from one format to another … the original CAD file must be accessable. Often times those files are not available or are outdated … with edits / changes made to the G code directly on the shop floor. Sinec Kipware® only requires the G code program … that problem is eliminated.
  8. Are you a machine tool sales professional? KipwareXC® and CNC XChange can eliminate the control incompatibility from your sales resulting in increased sales and happier clients.

The Genius of KipwareXC® as a Post Processor with Kipware® Conversational CAM

Kipware® conversational CAM has changed the landscape for thousands of shops around the world by freeing them from the “CAD/CAM only” model … by allowing more chipmakers to get involved with the evryday G code creation … and by speeding up the G code creation by eliminating the need for a CAD model or drawing as the starting point for G code creation. But here is the GENIUS of the combination of Kipware® conversational and KipwareXC® :

  1. Programmers use the same Kipware® conversational CAM interface to create G code. Kipware® creates Fanuc, “fanuc compatible”, Haas and Okuma G code out-of-the-box … no post or anything additional is required. For machines that are not “fanuc compatible” we offer KipwareXC® as an option at a reduced price.
  2. Users can continue to create G code using the same Kipware® conversational interface … regardless of what machine / control they are creating G code for … spend more time creating G code and less time learning software. Once the program is completed … they run that G code through KipwareXC® using the PROFILE desired … and the standard Kipware® output is auto-converted to the format desired.
  3. And KipwareXC® can be employed for ANY G code file … whether created in Kipware® conversational CAM or not … GENIUS !! That opens even more options to eliminate control incompatibility.

Using our years of G code conversion development means that many features have been employed in KipwareXC® and CNC XChange so the applications can handle any conversion scenario. Options have been developed to handle G code rigidly formatted created with a CAD/CAM system to unformatted G code created by hand programming.

It’s time to re-think the shop floor. Think about what it would mean for your productivity and profitability if all your shop floor machine’s ran seamlessly.

Interested? Check out all the Kipware® conversion titles through the links below … or give Kentech Inc. a call today and let’s re-imagine your shop floor.

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Kenney Skonieczny – President
Kentech Inc.