The Effects of Inaccurate Cycletime Estimating in Your Machine Shop

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Machining time estimation is the process of predicting how long a machining operation will take to complete. It is important for profitability but also for the  planning, scheduling, costing and optimizing machining processes.

The most common focus on innaccurate cyceltime estimating is in the profit and loss of higher or lower times when machining the workpiece. But other factors also come into play and are just as important and can have very detrimental effects on your shop.

Inaccurate machining time estimation can have negative effects on the efficiency and profitability of machining operations. Some of those effects are :

  • Overestimating machining time can lead to underutilization of machine capacity, wasted resources, higher production costs and lower competitiveness.
  • Underestimating machining time can lead to overloading of machine capacity, delays in delivery, poor quality and customer dissatisfaction.
  • Inaccurate quoting: This can lead to lost sales or unhappy customers.
  • Inaccurate scheduling: This can lead to production bottlenecks and missed deadlines.
  • Inaccurate capacity planning: This can lead to over or under-investment in equipment and resources.

Therefore, it is important to use reliable methods and data to estimate machining time as accurately as possible.

KipwareCYC® … machining cyctime estimating software from Kentech Inc. is a proven in-the-trenches solution for accurate machining time estimation and is trusted by thousands of machine shop of all sizes around the world.

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Kenney Skonieczny – President
Kentech Inc.