Who is Kentech Inc. … and What is Kipware®

Since 1986 … over 30 years … 3 decades …  Kentech Inc. has combined a unique blend of metal cutting, CNC, and machine
shop experiences with computer programming skill to develop an array of manufacturing and machine shop software products. Using years of experience gained “in the trenches”,
Kentech Inc. is known for creating REAL WORLD solutions … that solve REAL WORLD manufacturing issues.

Our software is marketed under our KIPWARE® registered trademark and includes business software, conversational
CAM, G code conversion software, CNC programming training software and shop floor utilities. Our long and varied experience in metalworking environments … cutting chips,
CNC programming, CAD/CAM, engineering, machine repair, the business end … gives us an unmatched view for software development and allows us to bring “real world”
experience into all our applications. At Kentech Inc. we are professional machinists … coming directly from the shop floor … first and foremost. Who creates your machine shop software?

URL : www.KentechInc.com

Voice ( Toll Free within the USA ) : 1.888.754.1198

Voice : 508.754.1198

Email : Sales at KentechInc.com

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