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Machine Shop / Manufacturing Job Costing and Estimating Software

STOP Winning Unprofitable Work !!

About 75% of shops polled admit that they really don’t know if work they win is actually making a profit. Wasting your time and shop energy winning work that is not profitable takes your time and energy away from work that is … it’s a downward spiral.

The proven design of KipwareQTE® machine shop quoting and estimating software and a user interface that works simply insures that users will not just win work … but win profitable work.

Job quoting software or manufacturing cost estimating / quoting software like KipwareQTE® is a must-have tool for any manufacturer quoting and estimating potential work for their facility.  Don’t let spreadsheets and overblown MRP / ERP software kill your profitability.

If you are struggling with bloated MRP and ERP software, try Kipware quoting and estimating software.

Ignoring RFQ's ? ... Missing Deadlines ?

Machine shops can estimate realistically with Kipware software.

Struggling with Spreadsheets & Overblown MRP / ERP Software ?

About 85% of job shops polled admit that they don’t respond to request for quotations because their machine shop quoting and estimating process is tedious, time consuming, difficult to use which causes them to miss the required deadline

KipwareQTE®, manufacturing cost estimating software, cuts through the clutter of overly complex MRP and ERP packages to deliver REAL WORLD quoting and estimating at a realistic price point for any size shop.

It’s intelligent design means MORE TIME DOING … and less time learning software.

KipwareQTE® - What it MEANS for YOU !!

One Time Price -- Lifetime License --- 2 Seats Standard -- NO Monthly or Other Fees EVER -- NO Internet Required EVER

In the competitive world of manufacturing, efficiency, accuracy, and agility are paramount. KipwareQTE® software emerges as a clear winner when compared to complex MRP / ERP solutions. With its intuitive interface, rapid quote generation and precision, KipwareQTE® empowers manufacturers to streamline their quoting process, win more business, and stay ahead of the curve. Embrace the future of quoting with KipwareQTE® software and witness the transformation in your manufacturing business.

Kipware is software that is simple to use.

Simplicty VS Compexity

KipwareQTE® is designed with simplicity in mind. Unlike complex MRP systems that often come with a steep learning curve, Kipware offers an intuitive interface that allows even non-technical users to create accurate quotes. With straightforward navigation and user-friendly features, you can generate quotes quickly, reducing training time and potential errors.

KipwareQTE - Machine Shop Estimating and Quoting Software.

Tailored for QUOTING

While MRP software serves various functions in the manufacturing process, it might not excel at quoting. KipwareQTE® software, on the other hand, is purpose-built for creating quotes with precision and efficiency. Its specialized features, such as real-time cost estimation cater specifically to the quoting process, ensuring your quotes are accurate and competitive.

RAPID Quote Generation

Time is of the essence in the manufacturing world, and KipwareQTE® software recognizes that. With its streamlined interface and database design that eliminates time wasting data entry, you can generate quotes in a fraction of the time it would take with complex MRP software. This agility allows you to respond promptly to customer inquiries and secure more business while eliminating missing deadlines or ignoring profitable RFQ’s.

KipwareQTE makes it easy to include material costs in your cost estimates

Estimate MATERIAL Costs

Quickly and easily include material costs in your manufacturing estimates using any unit of measure desired … weight, length, bar stock, individual piece … whatever. Estimate costs using a unique mark-up percentage or direct cost inputs.

KipwareQTE makes it easy to include perishable tooling costs in your cost estimates

Estimate TOOLING Costs

Do you even include perishable tooling costs in your current manufacturing estimates? This “often-missed” cost can be a huge profit drainer but KipwareQTE® makes it quick and easy to include these costs in your estimates. A unique feature for KipwareQTE® … because we came from the machine shop floor and see the whole picture !!

KipwareQTE makes it easy to include labor costs in your cost estimates

Estimate LABOR Costs

Using hourly rate and efficiency factors … KipwareQTE® allows users to get the real picture of labor costs involved in  their manufacturing. Enhance things by combining KipwareQTE® with KipwareCYC® machining time estimating and labor cost estimating is an automated breeze. 

KipwareQTE makes it easy to include non-machining costs in your cost estimates


Easily include plating, anodizing, packing, deburring … or any other non-machining cost into your manufacturing estimates. And KipwareQTE® gives you the flexibility  to estimate costs using a fixed cost … per piece cost … or hourly rate. Many times costs like deburring are not even included and suck profits from your manufacturing quotes. KipwareQTE® makes it quick and easy to WIN PROFITABLE WORK !!

KipwareQTE - Machine Shop Estimating and Quoting Software.

Create Formatted Quotes

Once all cost areas are completed, KipwareQTE® can auto prepare a formatted manufacturing quotation with up to -6- different quantities. KipwareQTE® will use your base quantity and automatically amortize all costs over the entire range of up to -6- different quantities and produce a formatted quote you can send off to your client.

KipwareQTE makes it easy to create Bill of Materials from your cost estimates


Job is won … use your KipwareQTE® manufacturing estimate to  auto create a comprehensive Bill of Materials so you can plan for material, perishable tooling, labor hours and all non-machining requirements so you are ready to go when the job hits the floor.

KipwareQTE includes powerful ASSEMBLY ESTIMATING modules

ASSEMBLY Estimating

KipwareQTE® INCLUDES our Assembly Estimating module at no additional cost. Quickly and easily combine an unlimited number of individual KipwareQTE® estimates with other items such as screw, nuts, labor … whatever … to create one complete assembly estimate to send off to your client.

KipwareQTE offers optional cost comparison modules


Add our optional KipwareCRM® – Cost Review Module … and you can quickly and easily compare estimated costs to actual costs to insure that the work you win is actually profitable work. KipwareCRM® uses an easy-to-use interface and straight forward data to compare costs and clearly outline profit and loss. Users can select either an itemized, in-depth or general analysis depending on how deep you want to go.

KipwareMRP is a simple and easy to use resource tracking ( ERP / MRP ) module for KipwareQTE.


Add shop floor RESOURCE TRACKING to track your actual costs from the shop floor. How much material is actually used. How many inserts are actually used. What are the actual machining times … and more. Then use this real time collected data to compare against your manufacturing estimated costs in KipwareCRM® for a  complete picture of profit and lost.

Kipware means no cloud based BS.

No Cloud Based BS

  • NO internet connection required EVER
  • Lifetime License
  • You OWN everything … including any estimates you create aong the way !!
  • NO Maintenance Fees … EVER
  • Includes -2- Seats Standard
  • Upgrade When You Want  … If You Want … based on what features we have added.
  • Includes unlimited, forever FREE access to our online video training library.
  • Includes unlimited, forever FREE access to the online User Manual.
Examples of machining cycletime estimating with Kipware,

Easily Create Powerful What-If Scenarios

The REAL WORLD flexibility of the design of KipwareQTE® allows users to quickly and easily create WHAT-IF scenarios.
WHAT-IF scenarios allow you to instantly change material … cutting tools … labor rates … machine efficiency percentage … mark-up percentages … anything … to look at different costing options. Create quotes that reflect the costs you feel comfortable with to submit quotes with confidence that profits are where you want them to be.
For repeat RFQ’s, previous estimates can quickly and easily be recalled and adjusted to reflect changes in material costs … tooling costs … whatever … so your profits are always on track.

Built for the WORLD

KipwareQTE® is completely user configurable for wherever your company is in the world. 

Inch … Metric … Currency … and more are all easily user customizable and configurable.

The costs associated with creating a workpiece … whether in a FABRICATION or a MACHINING setting … can be quickly and easily estimated with KipwareQTE®.

KipwareQTE® has been in constant development and upgrading since 1986. KipwareQTE® is trusted and used by thousands of all size machine shops around the world everyday.

KipwareQTE® fully integrates with our KipwareCYC® – Machining Cycletime Estimating application.

Create your machining cycletimes in KipwareCYC® … then import them into KipwareQTE® and all LABOR COSTS associated with each machining opeartion will be automatically calculated and included in the cost estimate.

Whether individually or combined with other Kipware® applications … KipwareQTE® is a powerful tool to keep your cost estimating and quoting processes on track.


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