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Thank you for your interest in Kipware® software from Kentech Inc..

With “trial versions” … users sometimes don’t understand that “playing” and “learning” new software can be a daunting and time consuming task. Over the years we have found that users rarely put the time and effort into fully evaluating a title … lose interest … or simply try to make the product do things it wasn’t designed to do and get frustrated. 
Why waste your time? … Get answers quickly and in real time.
Kentech Inc. offers live, online demonstrations where you can see the software in action and ask questions / get answers in real time. It’s just like a live in-house demonstration. We schedule live demos every day during the week during our normal business … or we can set-up a schedule for off-hours if that would work better for your schedule. 

Prior to submitting a request for an online demonstration ...

… we recommend you also visit our YouTube channel.
There you will find many in-depth explanatory videos that illustrate all our software titles, 
many containing actual examples and samples of the title in use. There you can explore the titles at your leisure … and you will have real questions for your online demo session. Just click the link below :
Kipware® On YouTube

Currently we are only offering online demonstrations for locations in the U.S.A., Canada and Mexico.

Please tell us your location ... this information is required for us to compare your date / time with ours.
Multiple titles can be checked if you have more than one interest.
Please tell us in detail up to (3) dates and times that we can use to schedule your demonstration. We will confirm an available match prior to your meeting set-up confirmation.
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