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Activation Code and Software Protection Details




How the Kipware® Software Protection Works :


The engineers at Kentech Inc. have worked many long hours in the development of each Kipware® title. We take our copy protection and unauthorized distribution of our software ... and our work ... very seriously. We have taken steps to protect our work and we ask each user to respect our work and to work with us to use our Kipware® software respectfully. In order to do this users should read and become familiar with how the protection and licensing works not only to prevent loss time but to avoid possible additional charges incurred for licensing infractions.


All Kipware® software is wrapped in a protection that prevents unauthorized use of the application. The user needs to obtain an Activation Code in order to unlock the application to operate on that PC. Steps to obtain an Activation Code are covered here.


Activation Code Details and Information :


A couple of points to make regarding the Activation Code :


Each Activation Code is UNIQUE for each PC ... and Activation Code generated for one PC will only work on that PC ... not on any other PC.

Each PC where the software is to operate requires it's own unique Activation Code.

An Activation Code is generated from a PC's MID and SITE CODE ... displayed on the REGISTRATION screen that display the first time the application is started. The MID and SITE CODE's are encrypted codes that contain the ID of certain hardware and major software of that PC.

Since the license is generated from that MID and SITE CODE ... any change to the PC of major hardware or software ( hard drive, operating system, BIOS, internal cards, etc. ) will change the MID and SITE CODE ... and render the LICENSE INVALID. If major changes are made ... your Kipware® application WILL NOT OPERATE.

You must first REMOVE the license prior to making any major changes to the PC where your Kipware® software is installed. License REMOVAL instructions are below.

Again ... an Activation Code generated for one PC will not work on any other PC ... each PC requires it's own Activation Code. Your Kipware® purchase included the generation of (2) Activation Codes ... (2) "seats" ... allowing you the opportunity to use the software on (2) independent PC's.


License Removal Instructions



Below are the instructions for removing your LICENSE from your PC. Your current LICENSE must be removed before a new LICENSE can be issued. REMOVE the license before making any changes ... either hardware or software to the current PC. Hardware and software changes will alter the make-up of the PC and will cause the current software protection to become invalid and you will not be able to remove the license. Failure to perform the License Removal can result in additional seat charges.


DO NOT miss the step of recording the REMOVAL CODE as outlined below. Without the REMOVAL CODE we can not verify the license has been removed …without verification nothing else can be done.

(1) As your application starts, if the License window does not appear automatically, press either the SCROLL LOCK or PRINT SCREEN button.
(2) The pop-up LICENSE window will appear.
(3) Enter the previously supplied ACTIVATION CODE in the appropriate field.
(4) Check the REMOVE LICENSE option check box.
(5) Press CONTINUE.
(6) Once the LICENSE is removed, you will receive a new pop-up window that will contain the REMOVAL CODE.
(7) Forward that REMOVAL CODE to for verification.

If you are TRANSFERRING the license:

Use the Re-Activation area on the SUPPORT page of KIPWARE SUPPORT to submit the REMOVAL CODE as well as the MID and SITE CODE for the NEW PC and we will respond with the new Activation Code.





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