This chapter  will outline the CNC XChange main screen and the settings available for the user.


From left to right, the top menu bar consists of available options for the user to

1)Load a user options file to be used during the conversion if a default file has not been set.

2)Open the current user options file in the editor menu.

3)Open the settings menu. Settings will be discussed in more detail in a separate video.

4)Open the version menu where the operating version of the software can be displayed.

5)Close and end the application.

The user can use the BROWSE button to find and set the original file to be converted.

Select the conversion type or direction.

Select the appropriate conversion protocol and start the conversion process.

Selecting the open editor only will cause the contents of the original program to be displayed in the editor. This is a full G code specific editor and can be used to alter or edit the original program if desired.

The main page has a number of pre-defined conversion options that can be set by the user to be included during the conversion process. One of the most important when Fanuc turning programs are involved is to define whether the canned cycle format is a single line or double line format.

There are multiple optional settings for both turning and milling options that can be set from live tool and Y axis to custom macro and user task.

In addition there is a general option settings that deal with the text format of the original programs. If the original program has extra blank lines, extra spaces or if the text is not formatted at all, options can be set to correct these formatting issues using the check file format options. In addition, decimal point formatting can be addressed through the User Options but can be set to be executed at the start or end of the conversion here on the main screen.

Selecting the save main screen options will cause all current settings here to be set as the default. Whenever the software loads and starts, these settings will automatically be selected and active.





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