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CNC XChange Editor




The text Editor included with CNC XChange is available in two modes, standard and enhanced. This can be determined and set in the CNC XChange settings menu. The standard Editor requires a monitor resolution of at least 1020 by 700 and the Enhanced editor requires a resolution of 1360 by 770. The image below is of the enhanced Editor.



By selecting the open editor only button on the main page or by executing a conversion, the CNC XChange Editor will become available. If the open editor only button is used, the filename that is currently in the filename to convert field will be opened and it’s contents displayed in the original programs contents Editor window.  If a conversion is executed, once completed the original program contents will be displayed in the original program contents window and the converted program will be displayed in the converted program contents window.

Both windows contain separate but equal built in editing functions.

A programs N numbers can be re-sequenced or N numbers removed using the two buttons at the top. The starting N number and N number increment is set in the CNC XChange Settings menu.

Users can define a color palette for user defined codes using the color pallet menu. For example, the user could define to highlight every G01 code in red, or highlight every T in blue. There are 8 options available for each side of the Editor window. Clicking the paint can icon will cause the defined highlighting, selecting clear colors will remove the highlighting.

Users can select to add or remove spaces between addresses to increase readability of the G code using either of these two buttons.

Users can select to remove blank lines using this button.

Large or small font size can be selected using these two buttons.

Contents of the window can be printed or saved to disk using the print or save buttons.

A search can be executed for whatever is entered in the search window and the search can begin at the beginning of the program or from the last location found.

The contents of the window can also be converted from inch to metric or metric to inch. Additional settings for some letter addresses assumed to be free of this formatting are available in the CNC XChange settings.





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