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Editing Lines in the Listbox




The buttons located under the list box allow the user to edit and add lines of G code to the auto created lines being displayed in the list box.


The MANUAL INPUT button will allow the user to enter a line of code manually. The line will be placed at the bottom of the line entries.

The INSERT FILE button will allow for the importing of the complete contents of an external file into the list box. Only plain text files are recognized and able to be imported. The contents will be placed at the end of the current lines of code.

CLEAR ALL DATA will erase the complete contents of the list box.

To edit a line of code, click and highlight the desired line and select the EDIT HIGHLIGHTED button. Make any changes then select RECORD and RETURN.

The INSERT DATA LINE button will allow the user to insert a line of manual data into the list box. Click and highlight the line of code above the location where you wish to insert the line. Select the insert data line button and type the line of code, then select the record and return to insert the new line.

To delete a line of code, click and highlight the desired line and select the DELETE HIGHLIGHTED button. Confirm the deletion to remove the line.

Selecting the CREATE PROGRAM button will transfer the contents of the list box into the full KipwarePA® G code editor. Any of the types of edits outlined above can also be done directly in the G code editor.





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