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BATCH Conversion




This chapter will deal with the process of converting more than one file at a time with CNC XChange ... referred to as "batch conversion".


The main screen buttons labeled CONVERT MILLING and CONVERT TURNING will perform the conversion process for a single file as entered in the FILENAME TO CONVERT field on the main screen.


The buttons BATCH MILLING and BATCH TURNING will perform conversion for multiple files as set-up in the SETTINGS page as outlined below.



BATCH Conversion Set-Up and Configuration :


All the set-up to perform BATCH Conversions are configured in the CNC XChange SETTINGS page.




The following field entries will configure BATCH conversions :


DEFAULT USER OPTION FILE : this setting will determine which User Option file will be used during the BATCH Conversion process.

DEFAULT FILEPATH FOR PROGRAMS TO BE CONVERTED : this setting will determine where CNC XChange will look and load files to be converted. All file that you wish to have converted during the BATCH Conversion should be loaded into this folder on the PC.

DEFAULT FILEPATH TO SAVE AUTO-CONVERTED FILES : this setting will determine where the converted files will be placed after the BATCH conversion process. Finalized converted files will be placed in this folder on the PC.

DEFAULT EXTENSION FOR SAVE AUTO-CONVERTED FILES : all converted files will maintain the filename of the original file ... but this 3 letter extension will be placed at the end of the converted filename replacing any original extension that may have existed.











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