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Conversational 3D CNC Machining with KipwareM®

Kentech Inc. continues to turn the conversational CNC programming software world on it’s head releasing unprecedented and powerful fill-in-the-blank programming options for it’s Kipware® conversational CNC programming software for milling and turning.

In late April, the most powerful and easy-to-use conversational TURNING and BORING menus hit the market for KipwareT® – Conversational CNC Software for Turning … bringing unprecedented ease of programming for complex shapes that can include unlimited and unbounded radii and tapers. The success has been unbelievable … thank you to all the professional machinists that have added true, powerful conversational CNC programming to their arsenals for their turning programming.

In 2014 Kentech Inc. released it’s ground-breaking conversational 3D options for KipwareM® – Conversational CNC Programming Software for Milling … the ONLY conversational 3D programming ON THE MARKET …. whether PC based or CNC control based !! In June … responding to a request from one of our clients … we created and added an option to create a bending die 3D menu. Using a simple fill-in-the-blank form,  users can create the G code to ROUGH and / or FINISH the MALE BENDING DIE using a 3D machining toolpath.

We are pleased to announce today the release of the FEMALE BENDING DIE option as the companion to the MALE DIE. Using the same powerful options and features as the MALE menu … users can create the G code program for the FEMALE side using only the simple, efficient fill-in-the-blank form as illustrated below.

conversational 3D CNC machining

As You can see from the screenshot … we have also included powerful programming options in this menu as well … just as in the MALE side menu. Options such as :

  • The ability to use EITHER a square OR ball end mill with the software automatically calculating all tangency points as well as the allowable depth to machine to insure the square end mill will not over-machine along the bottom radius.
  • The ability to ROUGH and / or FINISH in one or separate operations.
  • The ability to CONVENTIONAL and / or CLIMB mill for EITHER roughing or finishing operations.

female_bending_die_simulationWe are proud that Kipware® continues to set the bar for conversational CNC programming software … a bar that no other software company can even come close to touching.

Our commitment to our clients and our resolve to be the best … drives our developers to continue this trend with many new releases in the pipeline for 2015.

For an additional video look at all the groundbreaking and EXCLUSIVE 3D machining options available in KipwareM® … please take a few moments and explore our video link below.

Thank you in advance for considering KipwareM® for your programming requirements.

Kenney Skonieczny – President

Kentech Inc.

Dump the "wizards" and GO PRO with Kipware>

Kipware® Conversational vs CAD/CAM — G code “wizards” — Conversational Controls

Some of the most frequently asked questions we hear in regards to conversational CNC programming are :

  1. “Why should I consider Kipware® conversational over CAD/CAM ?”
  2. “Why should I consider Kipware® over a conversational CNC control ?”
  3. “What’s the difference between Kipware® and those G code “wizards”?

And we actually love these questions … because the answer becomes really clear with some simple explanations and some outlining of the facts. If you’re wondering the same … here’s a brief outline.

Kipware® VS. CAD/CAM

STOP the CAD/CAM Frustration !!

  • 95% of everyday CNC programming does not require a CAD/CAM system … despite what the CAD/CAM companies tell you. If you are a job shop performing every day type programming … excluding complex aircraft components like airfoils or mold machining … your CAD/CAM system is most likely overkill for 95% of your CNC programming … and is excluding good chip makers from the programming process … and that’s hurting your efficiency.
  • To create even the simplest programs … a drawing is required … and that requires you to have CAD and drawing experience … and time.
  • Kipware® has a simple, easy-to-use user interface … no complicated icon systems to remember like CAD/CAM systems … and is much less expensive … in the short term and long term. The ROI (Return On Investment) with Kipware® is faster because you will be manufacturing more parts at a faster pace because of the simple design and ease-of-use and you can get more people involved in program creation.
  • Even if you are creating programs for complex parts … Kipware® is a great compliment to a CAD/CAM system. Simpler programs can be created by anyone with Kipware® leaving the complex “stuff” for the CAD/CAM. Kipware® allows you get more out of your CAD/CAM system.

Kipware® VS. “wizards” 

STOP being an amateur !!

Stop being treated like an amateur !!
Do you want to be a “cnc’er” or a machinist ??

  • These designs include simplistic interfaces … limiting the programmers capabilities and the type of workpieces and operations that can be programmed.
  • Their cheap price may be inviting … but any MAKER will quickly grow beyond their capabilities … don’t be held back.
  • Or maybe you have seen them touting “it’s FREE while in BETA testing.” OK … so I get to make junk, get frustrated, ruin my projects, waste my time AND TEST YOUR SOFTWARE FOR YOU ?? REALLY ??
  • Most of these so-called “conversational wizards” have been create by “hobby machinists” ( one of my biggest pet peeves … see here : ) who have VERY LIMITED experience or vision of a professional machine shop or professional machining. Let’s back this up with actual facts :

The whole machining concept outlined below of cutting a part with square corners and then just coming back to machine the chamfer or radius … which is the premise behind the “wizards” individual menu for chamfer or radius … is completely foreign in itself to a professional machinist. It further illustrates the hobby design concept present throughout the “wizards”.  These would be rough cut if large enough during rough machining and finish cut during finish machining as part of the complete part machining.

Below is a sample screenshot of one of the “wizards” … to machine an OD radius. Limited to 90 degrees only … what if you have two 45 degree lines with a radius in between. Out of luck. 

 And then there is the toolpath … screenshot on the right.. Wasted motion … and who machines a radius like this ?? Certainly not a professional machinist. Further … OD chamfer “wizard” screen and toolpath. Really? Only 45 degrees … and more wasted motion

In comparison … the professional design of KipwareT® incorporates the machining of these features into the professional machining concept of roughing and finishing. The video through the link below illustrates one of our cutting edge conversational options that … well, you gotta see for yourself. You won’t be disappointed … it truly is groundbreaking.

If you have the desire or need to go the  non-standard concept of machining the chamfer or radius individually … our KipwareT® does contain these individual chamfer or radius menu options. They are primarily there as options for non-standard instances only. Below are screenshot s of the KipwareT® conversational OD radius screen … and generated toolpath. Professional … and end of story.

  • Kipware® conversational offers UNMATCHED options not even available anywhere else in the industry. Options  like conversational 3D MILLING … LIVE TOOL and Y AXIS PROGRAMMING for turning centers. Kipware® is a leader and sets the bar in conversational programming software … and has turned the conversational CNC world on it’s head more than once … while still costing less than most lesser-capable programming options.
  • Unlike simplistic “wizards” … Kipware® conversational is a complete programming system … including conversational programming, conversational CAD/CAM, DXF importing, speed and feed wizard, toolpath plotting, full G code editing, toolbox software, programming assistant, and DNC communication software.

Kipware® VS. conversational CNC controls

  • Two words … OVERLY SIMPLISTIC. Everyday programming is NOT Rocket Science … BUT it’s NOT Kindergarten either.
  • All the so called “hobby” conversational CNC controls give the user only simplistic menus that do not have any real power. Case in point … some screenshots below :
These types of on-the-machine programming system are just too OVERLY SIMPLISTIC …and do not give the user room to grow into more complex programming when required.
  • These designs include simplistic interfaces … limiting the programmers capabilities and the type of workpieces and operations that can be programmed.
  • Not EVERY job in the shop is quick and easy and these overly simplistic “conversational controls” do not have the ability to handle more complex machining when required … or how about drawing or DXF import capabilities?
  • Unlike simplistic controls … Kipware® conversational is a complete programming system … including conversational programming, conversational CAD/CAM, DXF importing, speed and feed wizard, toolpath plotting, full G code editing, toolbox software, programming assistant, and DNC communication software.
  • Kipware® conversational was designed from the production shop floor up … by professional machinists … and includes powerful, real world shop programming features like cutter compensation … rotation … DXF importation capabilities … canned cycles … and more.
  • If you are looking for a conversational CNC … the better option is a Surface tablet or laptop loaded with Kipware® conversational. This allows for programming multiple CNC machines with a single device and single interface. Just pick it up and move it around easily which allows for programming on the shop floor or in the office or even at home … by multiple individuals. Now your conversational CNC includes powerful options and features including DXF import … and the cost is less than $1200 (US).

If you or your shop are exploring conversational CNC programming systems and software … we would love for an opportunity to show you the major differences between the proven-in-the-trenches Kipware® software and complex and expensive CAD/CAM … limited and under-developed G code “wizards” … and limiting, simplistic conversational CNC controls.

Please visit our website :

And arrange for a live, online demonstration of ANY Kipware® title :

Kenney Skonieczny – President

Kentech Inc.

Dump the "wizards" and GO PRO with Kipware>

CNC and Machine Control Compatibility with Kipware® Conversational

Almost everyone who takes an interest in our Kipware® Conversational CNC Programming software inevitably has the same question … “Will it work with my CNC machine and control?” So we thought best to take a blog post and spread some of the good news !!

1st … Kipware® Conversational is different than CAD/CAM

In addition to not having to create a drawing to create a G code machining program like CAD/CAM … Kipware® conversational also makes creating G code output for a variety of CNC machines and controls REALLY EASY. We designed Kipware® conversational’s G code output to be “fanuc compatible” out of the box … as well as having an easy set-up for Okuma machines. That means you don’t need any post processors like CAD/CAM … because isn’t that just a way for them to get their hands in your wallet anyway ??. ”

So out-of-the-box, Kipware® users can create G code for ANY machine that accepts “fanuc compatible” G code … as well as Okuma OSP G code.

Almost every CNC control maker out there tries to make their G code compatible with Fanuc controls. Examples are Haas, Mitsubishi, DMG Mori ( these machines controls are ALL fanuc compatible) and many more. The reason … Fanuc is the most popular maker of CNC controls in the world … having their CNC control on about 95% of the machine tools on the market. So if you want people to buy your machine and control … gotta give them something they are used to … something they probably are familiar with … gotta make your control “fanuc compatible”.

Fanuc compatible G code is the same G code that is used in :

      • ALL Fanuc model controls … ANY machine tool builder
      • Centroid
      • Daewoo
      • DMG / Mori Seiki
      • EMC2
      • Fadal
      • Fagor
      • Haas
      • Hurco
      • Hyundai
      • Leadwell
      • Mach3 / Mach4   ( KipwareXC® option required for KipwareT® (turning) )
      • Makino
      • MAZAK ( Matrix and Smart )
      • Milltronics
      • Mitsubishi
      • Okuma
      • Siemens
      • Tormach ( Mach3 and PathPilot )
      • Toyoda
      • Yasnac
      • actually many more … too numerous to mention

When we designed Kipware® conversational … milling or turning … we made the output “fanuc compatible” out of the box. No mess … no fuss … no post processors required.

Now of course there are some minor differences when it comes to machine tool builders and their machines … so we took that bit of code out of the auto-creation and gave the user the ability to customize that code output using a simple text editor … and the user can create an unlimited number of these custom files for as many different machine tool builder as required. Block of code like … start of the program … start of the tool … end of the tool … end of the program … can all be created using a the simple Kipware® conversational POST editor … and these blocks of code will be auto-inserted into the G code output when the program gets created.

So in essence … it’s the best of both worlds. Auto-output for the G code side … customized output for the non-standard side.


2nd … KipwareXC® is there if you need it.

As you can see from the above … we’ve got most of the CNC controls and machine already covered out-of-the-box. But there still will be clients who have a “non fanuc compatible” machine / control. We got that covered too … with the KipwareXC® option.

Since 1986 … Kentech Inc. has been a leader and pioneer in the world of G Code Conversion. The art of taking a G code program formatted for one machine and control and auto-converting into a format compatible for another machine and control. Our KipwareXC® G code conversion software makes a perfect tool and solution for those non-fanuc compatible scenarios.

KipwareXC® allows users to continue to program … regardless of the machine or control … every scenario in the familiar Kipware® conversational interface. When the G code program is completed … simply run that G code through KipwareXC® and it will be auto-converted for whatever machine and control you require. KipwareXC® allows the user to define the what-to-convert-into-what for an unlimited number of machines and controls … meaning you can run your standard Kipware® conversational G code program through KipwareXC® and have it auto-converted into the format your machine / control requires.

And the best part … KipwareXC® will work on any G code program … whether created in Kipware® conversational or not. Think of the possibilities for your shop floor !!

So … if you’ve gotten to the point where you’re considering Kipware® conversational for your programming … you can rest assured that the output will be compatible with your equipment … either out-of-the-box or by employing the powerful KipwareXC® option.

If you have any additional questions or concerns about Kipware® conversational … please contact us at any of the options below.

Kenney Skonieczny – President
Kentech Inc.