KipwareM® – Conversational CAM for MILLING – New Release

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Version 23.0.0 of our KipwareM® – Conversational CNC Programming Software for MILLING has been released. This release includes a multi-location feature for easy repeating SQUARE / RECTANGULAR BOSS … O RING GROOVES … ROUND BOSS machining in mutliple locations using a single menu form.

How does the multi locations meaning work?

(1) Select the conversational menu desired … square / rectangular boss, O ring groove or round boss … input the specifics as they relate to the shape and machining … size, depth of cut, cutter diameter, etc..

(2) Select LOCATIONS button and the above form will be displayed. User can enter an UNLIMITED number of locations either manually, through the reading of a DXF file where every POINT in the DXF is brough in as a location … or to have the locations automatically calculated using a BOLT CIRCLE, GRID or LINE-AT-AN-ANGLE conversational menu.

(3) Returning to the original menu … select CREATE PROGRAM … and the defined shape and G code program will be auto created with the machining taking place at each location previously defined.

A sample RECTANGULAR BOSS plot is illustrated below.

This is a terrific time saver when identical shapes are required in multiple locations. This location option wax previously available in other menus … but now has been extended to almost all conversational menus.

Version 23.0.0 is shipping standard as 02/20/2024.

UPGRADE pricing and purchase options are available in the Kipware® OnLine Store …

Kenney Skonieczny – President
Kentech Inc.