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KipwareM® Conversational CAM for Milling – New Feature Release – Next Tool Look Ahead & T Call

Kentech Inc. has released Version 22.1.0 of our KipwareM® – Conversational CNC Programming Software for Milling. This release contains a new feature to enable the output of the next T command … referred to some time as pre-loading the next tool … when outputting G code. Pre-loading allows the next tool to index and be ready for a tool change as the current tool is machining.

This feature is user configuravble through the SETTINGS as outlined in the screenshot below.

Pre-Loading T Command for CNC Milling Machine

KipwareM® has multiple user selectable options when it comes to tool change output … here is a brief explanation of each :

  • SINGLE LINE or DOUBLE LINE tool change commands can be configured.
  • NEXT TOOL LOOK AHEAD can be set to ON or OFF through the check box. If OFF … none of the options outlined below will be output.

NEXT TOOL LOOK AHEAD will cause the next T command to be auto-inserted into the program using Format A or Format B.

FORMAT A will cause the next tool T command to be inserted on the line following the current tool change command … an example :

T01M06 ( current tool change command )
T02 ( next T command )

FORMAT B will cause the next T command to be inserted after the first Z move line … an example :

T01M06 ( current tool change command )
T02 ( next T command )

These settings now allow the user to configure the next T command call to be most compatible with their CNC control & machine.

Kenney Skonieczny – President
Kentech Inc.