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New 3D Feature for KipwareM®

Today we are proud to be introducing a new conversational feature for our KipwareM® – Conversational CNC programming software for milling for our groundbreaking 3D conversational option. This option allows for the creation of G code programs to machine a radius along the edge of workpiece using only a conversational or fill-in-the-blank form. As we often do … this conversational menu was created because of a request from one of our clients …. and we are happy to help make their shop more efficient through our development.


As the menu screenshot above illustrates … we have included many powerful options such as :

  1. The ability to select any of the (4) locations to correspond with the workpiece set-up and radius edge location. In addition … the user can use multiple operations which each different quadrant to machine a complete “box” configuration.
  2. Any angle of the sidewall which means the radius does not have to be inside a 90 degree edge but virtually any edge and sidewall combination.
  3. The ability to select ZIG-ZAG or ONE WAY machining where zig-zag cutting will take depths of cut via a user defined stepover in both directions for a faster operation or with one direction cutting only.


KipwareM® and our 3D conversational operations has become the PREMIER PC based conversational programming software on the market. The complete array of available conversational 3D options is illustrated in the menu screenshot below and includes Tapered Cone … Tapered Hole … Tapered Boss … Tapered Pocket … Horizontal and Vertical Troughs … Male and Female Bending Dies … Curved Surface … Bowl shape and now the Edge Radius option.


For additional information on KipwareM® and our family of Kipware® CNC and machine shop software family of products … please visit our website at

Kenney Skonieczny – President
Kentech Inc.


New Release – KipwareT® Ball Turning Menu

As we mentioned in our previous post … we are announcing the release of (3) new conversational menus for our KipwareT® – Conversational CNC Programming Software for Turning.

The previous post … SEE HERE … outlined the new OD-tapered-radius groove … and this post we would like to outline and explore the new BALL turning menu.

As with all the great features inside KipwareT® … this new menu comes with tons of real world and very cool features. Let’s take a deeper look.


As you can see from the menu screenshot above … the form gives the user the ability to configure and type of “ball” machining required. Using he fill-in-the-blank form … users can configure :

  1. the WIDTH of the ball
  2. the RADIUS of the ball
  3. the FRONT and REAR diameters
  4. the OFFSET where the center of the ball is not on the part centerline
  5. as well as tons of cutting parameters from X depth of cut to finish allowance.

POWERFUL Features Included – Standard

Ya ya ya … those are features you would expect from Kipware® conversational … but let’s look at some really powerful features that you would expect to pay more for … or not even find … on other “hobby designed” conversational apps.


The first option allows the user to select the type of tool to be used. Options include a standard turning type tool … 55 or 35 degree diamond … or a bull nose type grooving / turning tool. Obviously if the radius on the ball is small … a standard turning tool could rub when machining the back side of the ball. A bull nose type tool gives the user much more machining options. The option to select different tool configurations is huge in the real world … and quite a complex option to include … but there it is … a STANDARD feature in KipwareT®.


The second feature has become to be a standard in Kipware® conversational … allowing the user to create a cycle that includes ROUGHING or FINISHING or BOTH ROUGHING and FINISHING. This feature gives the user to complete the machining with a single tool or multiple tools.

This menu goes a little further and allows the user to select a SINGLE PASS finishing cycle … where the tool start at the front of the ball and machines to the back of the ball in one pass … or a DOUBLE finishing pass where the tool start at the front … turns to the middle … backs away and the returns to start at the center of the ball and machines to the rear of the ball. So the “blend” can be controlled at the center of the ball. I think most would agree that the one pass is more ideal … but the real world has shown us that the double pass option can be advantageous for some materials. Again … there it is standard in KipwareT®.

Below is an illustration of a roughing cycle created in the new menu … plotted over a DXF import of the part in our KipwareTP® application … another standard included with KipwareT®.


If you ready to STOP THE CAD/CAM OVERKILL … but want a real world application not a limited hobby designed so called “wizard” … we invite you to explore the industries PREMIER conversational CNC programming software … Kipware® Conversational.

KipwareM® … for milling
KipwareT® … for turning


Kenney Skonieczny – President
Kentech Inc.

New Release – KipwareT® Conversational Tapered-Radius Groove

We are pleased to announce the release of (3) new features to our KipwareT® conversational CNC programming software for turning.  We have released (3) new conversational menus … they are :

  1. O.D. Tapered Radius Groove – an OD groove with tapered sidewalls with a a blend radius in between.
  2. O.D. Radius Groove – an OD groove that does not contain straight sidewalls but is a complete radius.
  3. O.D. Ball – a spherical OD


In this post we would like to outline the O.D. TAPERED RADIUS GROOVE. Below is the conversational menu … and we have quite a few powerful machining options available to the user.


  1. The ROUGHING CYCLE for the groove begins with a cut down the center of the groove … then the machining of the left side then right side of the groove. The user can define three types of cutting … PECKING with a chip break … PECKING with complete retraction … or STRAIGHT grooving. The user can also choose to perform the peck cycle ONLY during the first cut down the center of the groove … so the sidewall grooving will be done using a straight grooving type cut. This is easily selectable using a simple checkbox.
  2. The user can select to perform ROUGH and / or FINISHING with the tool. So the groove can be machined completely with one tool or the cycle can be invoked twice … once roughing and once finishing.
  3. The FINISHING CYCLE can be selected for a single pass … down the left side along the arc and then up the right side … or double pass meaning down the left side angle and along the arc to the center of the arc then up and over to the right side start point, down the right side angle and along the arc to the center of the arc. This is easily selectable using a simple checkbox.
  4. Depth of cut in Z as well as depth of peck in X are all user defined … giving the user powerful inputs to handle all types of material and cutting scenarios.
  5. Of course ANY user defined angle and radius can be defined using the simple fill-in-the-blank form … so handling any kind of groove configuration is simple.

Below is an animated GIF showing a sample rough and finish cycle in action via our KipwareTP® toolpath plotting software.


We will be publishing additional posts covering the (2) other new menus in the coming days … along with a complete video presentation … stay tuned.

To check out all the features and power of KipwareT® … PLEASE CLICK HERE.


Kenney Skonieczny – President
Kentech Inc.

Ground-Breaking Conversational 3D Programming In Action

In 2013 … Kentech Inc. released it’s ground-breaking and innovative 3D conversational programming for milling in KipwareM®. This release established Kipware® conversational as THE premier conversational CNC programming software … whether PC based on machine control based. This conversational 3D option IS THE ONLY CONVERSATIONAL 3D PROGRAMMING IN THE MARKET … IN THE WORLD !!

In the video below … we illustrate the program of an 18″ radius curved surface  on a workpiece that is 8″ wide and 25″ long.


This complex machining G code is created in the video IN LESS THAN 3 MINUTES !!


We invite you to get a taste for the best and watch our ground breaking, innovative 3D conversational in the video linked below.

For more information and videos illustrating Kipware® conversational … milling and turning … please visit our website :

Kenney Skonieczny – President
Kentech Inc.

To connect with us on Google+ … click the image below


Groundbreaking KipwareM® Conversational 3D In Action

We love getting REAL WORLD input, comments and results from our clients … and we got one this morning that really rocked.

We released our groundbreaking and cutting edge conversational 3D programming ( BTW Kipware® is the ONLY conversational CNC programming software in the world with this option … Who writes your CNC software? ) in September of 2013 and have added quite a few new menus since that date based on user requests and feedback. Last June we received a request to create a conversational 3D menu to created roughing and finishing G code for bending dies … male and female. We immediately thought that that would be an option a lot of clients might find useful and time saving … so we got to work. We released the male menu not long after the June request and in August released the female menu. Our client has told us the male program worked great and today we got confirmation with some pics of an incredible female die created with the female menu. I’ll let the client’s words speak for themselves … this is his email message :

We cut our first bottom break die with your program and it worked just as planned. It is a big time saver for our tool room. It took less than 5 minutes to write the program. I want to thank you and your team for doing this. The die was over 24 inches long.

Thank You,
Dan Sinnett


That would have been a LOT of work to machine manually !!

Here’s a quick peak at the simple, fill-in-the-blank KipwareM® form used to create the cutting program :

conversational 3D CNC machining
conversational 3D CNC machining

For more information on the Kipware® Conversational 3D option … please read the complete Blog post here :


We are extremely proud that our Kipware® conversational software is the PREMIER PC based conversational software on the market …  in the world … and that every day THOUSANDS of professional machinists and machine shops reap the rewards that our applications can make in their shops, in their lives and in their bottom line.

Kenney Skonieczny – President
Kentech Inc.

Want to get in on the power of Kipware® Conversational ???
Please visit our website …

2015 Kipware® Development Report

It’s hard to believe that we are about to close out 2015 and start a new journey into another New Year. At this time each year we are fond of taking a look back to reflect and evaluate what we have accomplished during the past year for our products in terms of development and enhancements … and of course for our clients.

Versus other software vendors who boast “millions of hits on our website” … we’re doers. We don’t talk about it … we do it … and we’re more than happy to publish our doing it and lay it out there for all to see. We’re proud of our hard work and results and the fact that THOUSANDS of real world machinists … from the one man shop to fortune 500 companies like SpaceX and General Dynamics around the world use Kipware® software. I guess they’re doers too. Are you a doer?

Why do we feel it is important?

Since 2012 … the first year we started blogging regularly … we have posted our year-in-review article highlighting the main items of development over the year.  We feel this is SOOOO VERY IMPORTANT for a number of reasons … but let’s focus on the top two.

  1. To show clients and potential clients that Kentech Inc. and Kipware® software is constantly on the move … innovating … inventing … improving … and enhancing. So clients and potential clients can compare our rate of the above against other competition and developers. We are by far the busiest in terms of enhancing and upgrading our machine shop software … all our market leading titles. If you follow our blog you’ll know we are a big fan of software Version #’s. For developers who adhere to the software version norms … major release, minor release and build numbers ( e.g. 10.1.0  )  … these are an actual reflection of the number of releases which usually illustrates the amount of new development. As the major release number grows … it reflects the number of major upgrades and enhancements. The reverse … software with Version #’s that are low … reflect the lack of development and lack of major releases. This is a good indicator of how much work and effort a company is putting into development. We always encourage any potential client to compare our version numbers with any competitor … the result is always astounding. We have posted the current version #’s next to each title along with the release information for the last year for your review. Nothing to hide here.
  2. So existing clients can view the various changes and enhancements to titles they may own … and help them decide if these changes warrant an UPGRADE investment. Kentech Inc. does not have any maintenance agreements and no yearly fees. Our UPGRADE policy basically allows the user to pick-and-choose when they wish to upgrade based on features released. At any time the user can UPGRADE … and will receive the latest version of the software with ALL the current features. So if we release an UPGRADE and the features are not of interest this time but they are the next time … an UPGRADE purchase will get you ALL the features that have been released to date.

By the way … if you missed any of our previous end of the year reports or wish to see our progress … here are some links to help :

So without further ado ….


Let’s raise the curtain on this years highlights !!

Below is a list of our accomplishments for 2015 … with links to articles with in-depth information about each. Enjoy.


Conversational CNC Programming Software for Turning
Current Version : 18.1.4

  1. Shoulder Grooving Conversational menu released … for more info CLICK HERE.
  2. New unprecendented conversational OD and ID turning menu released … truly game changing … for more info CLICK HERE.


Conversational CNC Programming Software for Milling
Current Version : 16.9.1

  1. New conversational 3D BOWL menu released … for more info CLICK HERE.
  2. New conversational 3D MALE and FEMALE BENDING DIE menus released … for more info CLICK HERE.
  3. New conversational TAPERED TOP facing menu released … for more info CLICK HERE.

Kipware® SketchPad

Conversational CAD / CAM
Current Version : 11.0.0

  1. Machinist CYCLE MODE released for both milling and turning … for more info CLICK HERE.


Machining Cycletime Estimating Software
Current Version : 8.0.0

  1. Enhanced PRINTING options released … for more info CLICK HERE.
  2. New MULTI-PART estimating features released to aid in tombstone, multi-vise and multi-spindle cycletime estimating … for more info CLICK HERE.
  3. New RUNTIME CALCULATOR companion application released to aid in production runtime calculations … for more info CLICK HERE.


Machine Shop Job Costing and Estimating Software
Current Version : 14.0.1

  1. Enhanced PRINTING options released … for more info CLICK HERE.


G Code Conversion Software
Current Version : 15.2.0

  1. New X-Y-Z SEPARATION and HEIGHT OFFSET AUTO ADDITION features released … for more info CLICK HERE.

These illustrate only the MAJOR releases … there are also tons of minor tweaks behind the curtain along with User Interface changes that have been released without any fanfare. Unlike some developers who tout screen color changes or pop-up tips as MAJOR enhancements. I guess it comes from our on-the-shopfloor no-nonsense experiences … don’t give me something unless it truly makes a difference.

We invite you to compare this type of development and enhancements with any software developer you are considering. We like to use that famous New England clothiers marketing phrase … “An educated consumer is our BEST customer.” or “Shop us last … you’ll love us.

Of course … we couldn’t accomplish anything without the dedicated crew here at Kentech Inc. nor our fabulous family of Kipware® users. Thank you to everyone for your support and we promise to keep working hard … dedicate our efforts … to create and enhance our REAL WORLD software to make a difference in the REAL WORLD.

Happy New Year to ALL !!

Wishing all the best to everyone in 2016 !!
Kenney Skonieczny – President
Kentech Inc.

New KipwareXC® Feature Release – X-Y-Z Separation & Height Offset Auto Addition

The latest version of KipwareXC®, Kentech Inc.’s ground breaking G code conversion software, contains a couple of new features catering to Fadal users and others who need to separate X-Y-Z moves and add height offset calls to G code during conversions.


Some CNC controls have the capability to perform X-Y movement prior to a Z axis move when X-Y-Z coordinates are all commanded in the same line. On some controls … the command line :
would result in the Z axis not moving to the .500 position until the X-Y movement has been completed. Most CNC controls do not possess this capability and will perform the 3 axis move … X-Y-Z … all axis simultaneously.

The new COORDINATE SEPARATION feature now included in Version 15.3.0 of KipwareXC® allows the user to set up a Profile to automatically separate this type of move command into two lines … with the X-Y positioning in the first line followed by the Z axis positioning command on the next on a line by itself.

In addition … KipwareXC® will automatically skip over this separation while all drilling canned cycles are invoked and active … allowing normal Z axis transitions to still be available in canned cycle command lines.

A simple checkbox is provided in the G-M Code Separation area of the KipwareXC® Profile option screen.

x y z axis seaparation in KipwareXC G code conversion software



For users who wish to auto-convert G code from CNC controls that do not utilize height offset commands to G code that requires such commands … Version 15.3.0 of KipwareXC® can assist in these situations as well.

In addition to the ability to separate X-Y and Z moves as outlined above … users now have the ability to set the KipwareXC® Profile up to automatically insert any user defined height offset G code command during the first Z axis move after a tool change … and also have a corresponding H offset call command inserted either with using the current tool # or with a default 00 value.

For example … original G code formatted :


can be automatically re-formatted by KipwareXC® to read :


The conversion will be done ALL AUTOMATICALLY by KipwareXC® during the conversion process. As the screen capture below illustrates … the user has multiple options available for this re-formatting.

automatically add height offset commands with KipwareXC

Post Processors are SOOO Yesterday and SOOO Obsolete

These two new feature releases on their own are very powerful options to have in your arsenal … add that to the multiple other conversion options available in KipwareXC® … which ALL perform simultaneously during a conversion … and you can see why utilizing a post processor to re-post / re-format existing G code just doesn’t make any sense. KipwareXC® can take your PROVEN G code program and automatically re-format it for another machine / control and never lose all the integrity of the proven code. Sooo simple … sooo fast … sooo efficient.

If you haven’t checked out KipwareXC® or any of the other pioneering G code conversions applications from Kentech Inc. … please visit and check ’em out.

Kenney Skonieczny – President
Kentech Inc.

New Feature Release – KipwareM® Tapered Top Facing

Kentech Inc. announces the release of a new conversational menu for KipwareM® – Conversational CNC Programming Software for milling.

We created the menu based on a request from one of our clients who was looking for a menu that would allow him to create a G code program to face a part that is fixtured at an angle … as the below illustration outlines.


Of course a normal facing cycle could be used … but with a lot of wasted motion and “air cutting”. Based on our clients requirements … and the fact that other users might find the menu useful … we created a conversational menu that will create a G code program to face with no wasted or air cutting. The software calculates the depth along the angle for each depth of cut so cutting is done efficiently along the calculated length and width with no wasted motion. As with all KipwareM® conversational screens … inputs are simple yet powerful as with the simple ROTATION input that will allows the user to create facing motion along the X or Y axis … or at any angle desired .. using ROUGH and / or FINISH cutting parameters.


This new Tapered Top Facing is now included standard with all KipwareM® purchases as of 12/2/2015.

Kentech Inc. continues to stand the conversational CNC programming software world on it’s head with constant innovation and unprecedented, ground breaking development.


Who creates your CNC and machine shop software?
Join the Kipware® family and STEP UP !!

Kenney Skonieczny – President
Kentech Inc.

New Feature Release – KipwareCYC® Runtime Calculator

Kentech Inc. is pleased to announce the release of the Runtime Calculator (RTC) feature for KipwareCYC® – Machining Cycletime Estimating Software.runtime_ad_logo

RTC is designed to allow users to quickly and easily calculate total hours … total days … and total labor costs for production runs from 1 to 1 million.

RTC can be used as a stand alone application with manual data entry … or users can import previously created KipwareCYC® cycletime estimates and KipwareQTE® machine database information for more automated and accurate calculations.

Below is a screenshot illustrating the available user inputs and options available in RTC.


Please view the animated release video below for additional information and to view RTC in action.

Whether used as a stand alone application … or as a fully and seamlessly integrated application with KipwareCYC® and KipwareQTE® … RTC will provide users with accurate and consistent delivery and production data for scheduling or quoting.

Kenney Skonieczny – President
Kentech Inc.

KipwareCYC® – New Release – Multiple Part Machining Time Estimating

The design of KipwareCYC® from the start has been to assist users accurately create machining time estimates for their workpieces … and has been based on creating that time to machine one part from start to finish. Estimates are created while users walk the part through each machining operation for each machine required … creating a time to complete each operation on each machine.

This release of version 7.0.0 of KipwareCYC® now includes the ability to take that single part estimate and research and calculate how that single part time will be effected by using :

  • Multiple pieces in a fixture
  • Multiple fixtures
  • 4th axis or tombstone fixturing using multiple pieces per side of the tombstone while machining multiple sides of the tombstone
  • Multi-axis spindle and multi-turret turning centers
  • Swiss style turning centers

Making use of many of our proprietary formulas already employed inside KipwareCYC® … rapid time, cutting times and handling times ( indexing times ) can now be easily incorporated through the use of these new features and the Multi-Milling and Multi-Turning option screens.

Details are outlined in detail below … or you can watch the video :


mill_screenUsing the MILLING option … users have the option of choosing either a MULI-FIXTURE or INDEXER type set-up. Using the FIXTURE TYPE option … users can define

  • # of pieces per fixture
  • # of fixtures
  • distance between the fixtures

Using the INDEXER type option ( designed for HMC’s utilizing a tombstone or 4th axis indexer ) … users can define

  • # of pieces per side of the tombstone
  • # of sides that will be used for machining
  • Indexing time of the table or 4th axis indexer.

KipwareCYC® will then auto-calculate the additional RAPID TIME, CUTTING TIME, and HANDLING TIME ( indexing time ) required and present the user with all the new calculations for comparison. This new feature will not only produce a  more accurate cycletime for multiple parts … but will allow the user to research and compare what might be the better fixturing options to employ.



The TURNING option was designed with multi-spindle and multi-turret type as well as swiss-style turning centers in mind. The cycletime on a multi-spindle machine is in essence the time for that turret with the longest machining time. In KipwareCYC® the user now has the ability to move operations between the turrets to define that turret’s cycletime … and in essence the cycletime to machine the part that was originally estimated using a single spindle machine.

The user is presented with a drop-down list of all the operations from the estimate created for the single spindle machine … and can then move the operations between turrets to find the optimum time and sequence of operations.


What does it all mean?

In addition to quickly and easily turning a single part machining time estimate into an estimate for multiple parts on multiple fixtures or time using a more powerful and capable machine … users have new power to research and explore the best machining option to obtain the optimum machining time available on their equipment.

These new features are … once again from Kentech Inc. … cutting edge and innovative. These options coupled with the proprietary formulas employed inside KipwareCYC® give users added power and flexibility to not only win more work … but win more profitable work.

Kenney Skonieczny – President

Kentech Inc.