Intelligence … and it’s NOT Artificial

KIPWARE® has been developed through a collaboration with Manufacturing Engineers, CNC and CAD/CAM Programmers, CNC Application Engineers and other manufacturing professionals resulting in truly … REAL WORLD software.

Since 1986, Kentech Inc. has made KIPWARE® into one of the fastest growing brands in machine shops around the world. From CNC programming to quoting and estimating to innovative and groundbreaking G code conversion … Kipware® is Real World software.

Created BY the Real World ... Created FOR the Real World


Tired of BLOATED and EXPENSIVE quoting and estimating options?

Kipware® Business software includes machining cycletime estimating, cost estimating and quoting as well as quotation tracking and analyzing software. Kipware® software will not only assist you in winning more work … you’ll win more PROFITABLE work !!

Kipware® Conversational CAM


CAD/CAM is ONLY ONE option for CNC programming. Kipware® Conversational CAM is easier, faster and gets more people involved in CNC programming. Spend more time making chips … not drawings … and create G code FASTER and EASIER with Kipware® conversational CNC programming software.

Kipware® G CODE Conversion

Does your shop floor suffer from “Control Incompatibility”?

In an effort to posses the best machine for the job … today’s shop floors contain mutliple CNC machines with multiple CNC controls. This often results in re-programming, re-posting … or worse. Our groundbreaking G code conversion software can make all your CNC’s run seamlessly.

Kipware® BUNDLES

Kipware® BUNDLES give clients the opportunity to bundle quoting, estimating, cycletime estimating and conversational CAM into a single purchase … and save money while adding efficiency and profitability to their shop. Kipware® BUNDLES are powerful TOOLSETS  for any size machine shop … whether a new start-up … or an existing shop looking to add new tools and capabilities.

Custom Software Development

Think about CNC and machine shop software in a NEW way.

Since 1986, Kentech Inc. has used a mix of chipmaking, CNC and machine shop experiences to develop our KIPWARE® line of CNC and machine shop software. Using those applications as a base, we can offer CUSTOM SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT to solve your shop floor issues. From conversational programming apps to G code conversion apps … to whatever. If your shop is facing manufacturing challenges … lets’ talk.

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