BUNDLE Quoting, Estimating, Conversational CAM And G Code Conversion Software To Save Money And Add Efficiency

D.BarnesLandis Solutions
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"You are a life saver. You guys are a world class company! I recommend you to everyone I know."
Geroge McLellan
Geroge McLellanNew Zealand
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"I have KipwareT and like it so much I would like to get KipwareM for my mill ..."
S. Shepherd
S. ShepherdAdvance Turning & Mfg.
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"I’m telling you, I can’t say enough good stuff about you and your service!!"
John C.
John C.N2XD
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"I received a call early this morning from the fellows at the other site and they are just elated about the KipwareM. In fact some of them stayed there until midnight to play with it."
Pete R.
Pete R.
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"I really like Kipware. I still have Mastercam as well, although I have mixed feelings about it. It has its good points and I use it for certain things, but as a case in point, with the 3D BOWL ... in Mastercam I would have to model it, stock setup, toolpath, etc.!" In KipwareM, just fill in the blanks !!
Barbara B.
Barbara B.Prentke Romich
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"I have tried out the new grid upgrade for milling pockets - it looks like that will suit very well!! It responded just as I thought it should and the pockets were milled out per spec. I am so excited! ... Thank you so much and to all your team – wonderful job!!"
S. Bader
S. Bader
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"Very happy with the software (KipwareCYC and KipwareQTE). Nice to see a company that takes steps to use space efficiently and promote user simplicities. Much needed in a world of bloated programs."
Kipware+ - Machine Shop Quoting, Estimating and Conversational CNC Programming Bundle

Kipware+ is our MINI-BUNDLE that includes ONE quoting / estimating title and ONE conversational CAM title. Quoting & estimating titles are priced at the normal list … and the conversational CAM titles are priced at 50% off list price !!

Choose from KipwareQTE® or KipwareCYC® for your quoting / estimating title …

and then choose from KipwareM® or KipwareT® for your conversational CAM title.

KipwareMAX is a quoting and estimating and CNC programming software bundle for machine shops.

KipwareMAX® is the ULTIMATE TOOLSET for any size machine shop … whether a new start-up … or an existing shop looking to add enhanced efficiency and productivity.

MAX includes ALL quoting & estimating titles AND all conversational CAM titles … and TONS of powerful options at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE !!


G Code Conversion Software BUNDLE

This WILL BE your most IMPORTANT TOOL to end CNC machine / control incompatibility and give your shop floor the seamless integration you crave.

Bundle our innovative and ground breaking KipwareXC® and CNC XChange G code conversion applications to enable your shop floor and shop floor CNC’s to operate seamlessly.

Kipware STUDIO is a conversational CNC programming software bundle for milling and turning.

Complete Kipware® Conversational Programming Bundle

Break up the FUSION 360 and CAD/CAM “always start with a drawing” ball and chain and create G code faster and easier than ANY CAD/CAM system with Kipware® conversational CAM.

This BUNDLE saves you $490 over individual title purchases by bundling KipwareM®, KipwareT® and ALL companion applications in a single purchase and STOP the CAD/CAM OVERKILL !!

Kipware SUITE is a quoting and estimating bundle for CNC machine shops.

Complete Kipware®
Business Software Bundle

It’s Time … STOP Guesstimating and START Estimating with Kipware® Business Software. STOP winning work that just loses money !!

This BUNDLE saves you $465 over individual title purchases by bundling KipwareCYC®, KipwareQTE® and KipwareTRK® in a single purchase and start winning profitable work today !!

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