conversational cnc programming with Kipware conversational cnc programming software

Conversational CNC Programming Software for MILLING

stop the cad/cam overkill !!

Spend more time MAKING CHIPS ... NOT DRAWINGS !!

NOT every workpiece requires a complex and expensive CAD/CAM system … nor a CAD/CAM programmer.

CAD/CAM was originally created for complex aircraft programming and is a DESIGN tool first and foremost… that’s why everything starts with a drawing. It was NEVER designed to be a PRIMARY G code generating tool.

The common belief is that CAD/CAM is actually making our shops dumber. Analogy : Sure an airplane pilot uses auto-pilot to fly … BUT he knows how to fly manual. Does your programmer know and understand G code? Kipware® conversational is a GREAT teacher.

If you are not designing ...

Why Shop Floor Programming ?

95% of machine shops around the world spend every day in the creation of G code for “everyday” workpieces … not airfoils and dies.

The Kipware® conversational CAM approach allows novice programmers as well as experts to quickly and easily create G code CNC programs faster than any CAD/CAM program … without the need for a CAD drawing nor CAD/CAM experience. And … the real world development of Kipware® conversational has taken the programming of complex shapes, using the conversational approach, to new, higher levels.

Conversational programming does not require ANY G code experience. Kipware® conversational has opened up the world of CNC programming to everyone … without the need for CAD or CAD drawing experiences.

Why Kipware® ?

  • Easy to install … receive a download and get programming within (1) hour on normal business days and within (12) hours on off days.
  • Lifetime purchase … with no maintenance fees … and (2) seats standard !!
  • Intelligent Interface … spend more time doing and less time learning to use the software.
  • Supplement, Compliment or Replace any CAD/CAM system by adding Kipware® conversational for quicker, easier everyday type programming. Kipware® = everyday programming … CAD/CAM = complex programming.
  • NO Special PC Requirements … we built Kipware® to run efficiently on the shop floor with no requirements for outlandish video cards, vast memory or extreme processor speeds. Find minimum requirements HERE.
  • UNLIMITED, FOREVER-FREE, ACCESS to our complete video training library and online user manual.

Kipware® is DIFFERENT

Kipware® software uses simple fill-in-the-blank forms to create powerful G code / CNC programs that include “best programming practice” outputs like canned cycles, cutter compensation and more.

No drawing, CAD or G code programming experience is required to create powerful G code programs with Kipware® conversational.

Unlike conversational CNC controls … Kipware® is NOT LOCKED to the machine. Kipware® is the ultimate in portability and allows users to program multiple machines with just one Kipware® package.

Unlike simplistic wizards, Kipware® creates REAL G code programs that can contain multiple operations with powerful shop floor features like canned cycles, cutter compensation and more.

conversational cnc programming with Kipware conversational cnc programming software

In addition … if you need to program non-standard shapes, Kipware® conversational includes the Kipware® SketchPad.

Draw directly in the SketchPad or import DXF files from a CAD program and create efficient G code programs for those shapes. It’s easy to create BOTH roughing and finishing toolpaths in the SketchPad.

And the SketchPad includes our patent-pending Machinist Mode. In the Machinist Mode users can simply move the mouse as if it was the tool and create  roughing toolpaths on the fly. Super simple and efficient … anyone can create powerful toolpaths the way you want to machine.

Since 1986, Kentech Inc. has been a leader, innovator and pioneer in PC based conversational CNC programming software combining over 30+ years of professional manufacturing experiences with innovative computer programming skills.

Kipware® conversational is the PREMIER conversational CNC programming software on the market. Our Clients include Fortune 500 companies … Industry Leaders and Pioneers.


Kipware® conversational is the gold standard in PC based conversational programming software because of innovation and constant development based on real world user input.


Easily create cycles to face square and rectangular surfaces.

Tapered Facing

No waste, efficient facing cycles for tapered surfaces.

Round Facing

No waste, efficient facing cycles for round surfaces.

Qualify Sides

Powerful side milling ... left side, right side, both sides, climb mill, conventional mill ... so many options available.

Round Pocket

Square / Rectangular Pocketing

Round Boss

Square / Rectangular Boss

Horizontal Slot

Vertical Slot

ALL cycles contain user defined auto-ramping, cutter comp options, climb or conventional cutting, user defined depth of cut, rough and / or finishing and so much more !! 

Bolt Circle

Grid Pattern

Holes At An Angle

Custom Drill Cycle

Simple Drilling

KipwareM® contains tons of drill cycles with tons of options that go way beyond the CNC controls canned cycles … all quick and easy to create within the conversational, fill-in-the-blank format.

Drill Nibbling

A great cycle to use for roughing slots or pockets ... super easy to create.

OD Helical

From one to an unlimited number of holes. Define the cycle once and KipwareM® does all the work.

ID Helical

From one to an unlimited number of holes. Define the cycle once and KipwareM® does all the work.

OD Thread Milling

From one to an unlimited number of holes. Define the cycle once and KipwareM® does all the work.

ID Thread Milling

From one to an unlimited number of holes. Define the cycle once and KipwareM® does all the work.


From text on a straight line to text on a line at any angle. just type the text and KipwareM® does all the work.

Boss Contouring

Powerful boss contouring with ANY user defined chamfer at ANY angle or ANY radius on ANY corner.

Linear Slotting

Any number of slots at any user defined angles.

Radial Slotting

Complex operation but super easy to program with Kipware®.

Hex Machining

Just a few inputs will create an efficient and powerful hex machining cycle.

Multi Sided Milling

Need more than a hex ... KipwareM® makes it easy. Any number of sides with one single input.


Such a powerful feature !! Take ANY cycle and rotate it at any user defined angle with just a simple input.

4th Axis Drilling

Straight Slotting

Tapered Slotting

4th Axis Threading


4th Axis options come standard and include operations like drilling, slotting ( straight or twisted ), slotting on tapered surfaces,  as well as threading and engraving with the 4th axis.

Custom Cycles

Create custom cycles that can be recalled anytime ... table index, pallet change, pause for inspection ... whatever.


The included SketchPad allows users to draw or import DXF files and create toolpaths for non-standard shapes.


The included KipwareTP® application allows users to simulate toolpaths before sending them to the machine.

Toolbox Software

The included KipwareTB® toolbox software puts needed formulas and other powerful tools like trig calculators at your fingertips.

Speed / Feed Wizard

The included KipwareCSF® speed and feed wizard auto-calculates speeds and feeds and insert tem into the forms.

Video Training

Unlimited, forever free access to our video training library is available directly from within KipwareM®.

Online Manual

Unlimited, forever free access to our online user manual is available directly from within KipwareM®.


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kipware® conversational Video gallery

“We need that replacement part for the Wackonator !!”
The innovative SHOP FLOOR CNC programming model can compliment and even replace the complex and expensive CAD/CAM ONLY model !!
This video shows KipwareM® in action and illustrates it’s ease-of-use and simple power. STOP THE CAD/CAM OVERKILL !!
NEW RELEASE — this video illustrates why Kipware® is the GOLD standard in PC based conversational CAM. Constant innovation and unprecedented ease-of-use makes Kipware® a must-have for any level of CNC programmer’s arsenal.
This video illustrates the unequaled ease-of-use and simple power for creating G code for machining standard 3D shapes in KipwareM®. The ONLY conversational 3D programming on the market !!
NEW RELEASE – June / 2020. Easily create square or rectangular bosses with any chamfer or any radius on any corner in seconds with the new O.D. BOSS CONTOURING menu in KipwareM®. Check it out !!
“Conversational” CNC controls like Haas, Okuma and others are NICE … but they are not running on a true PC and as a result are inferior to Kipware® and PC based conversational. Not to mention they are locked to the machine !!

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The ONLY Conversational 3D Programming in the Industry !!

conversational 3D cnc programming with Kipware conversational cnc programming software

KipwareM® contains the ONLY conversational 3D programming option on the market. Using fill-in-the-blank forms users can quickly and easily … without a CAD drawing … create complex 3D toolpaths for standard 3D shapes.

CONES … TAPERED HOLES … TAPERED Square &  Rectangular BOSS … TAPERED Square & Rectangular POCKET … Horizontal & Vertical TROUGHS … Female BENDING DIES … CURVED SURFACES … BOWLS … RADIUS EDGES … TAPERED RADIUS EDGES … and we’re constantly adding new options based on user requests !!

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