conversational cnc programming with Kipware conversational cnc programming software
Conversational CNC Programming Software / Conversational CAM for MILLING

Conversational CNC Programming Software for MILLING

Stop the CAD/CAM overkill with Kipware conversational CAM.

Still Using Models, Drawings and Complex CAD/CAM for Everyday Programming?


The reality is that CAD/CAM is ONLY ONE option for #CNC programming … NOT the only one!! CAD/CAM can often slow down the process … remove good chipmakers from the process … or worse.

Technology today all revolves around a CAD drawing or model. For simpler, everyday wokpieces … that’s a waste of time, money and slows down productivity.

Kipware® conversational can solve your CNC programming skillsgap by allowing more people to get involved with everyday shop floor CNC programming. Because NO CAD … NO CAD/CAM … and even NO G CODE experience is required to create G code FASTER and EASIER than ANY CAD/CAM system.

Spend more time MAKING CHIPS ... NOT DRAWINGS !!

One Time Price -- Lifetime License --- 2 Seats Standard -- NO Monthly or Other Fees EVER -- NO Internet Required EVER

Why Shop Floor Programming ?

Explore the reasons why shop floor programming matters through the video below.

Is Kipware® Conversational BETTER
than CAD/CAM ?

Kipware® conversational CNC programming software is better than CAD/CAM for several reasons, especially in an environment where designing is not required and G code generation is the primary goal. 

First, it is much easier to learn and use. Kipware® conversational CNC programming software uses a fill-in-the-blank- form interface, which makes it easy for even beginners to create CNC programs. CAD/CAM software, on the other hand, requires a much higher level of technical knowledge and because of the requirement to know CAD and drawing with CAD, it can remove good people from the programming process.

Second, Kipware® conversational CNC programming software is much faster. With Kipware® conversational CNC programming software, you can create CNC programs in minutes, while CAD/CAM software always starts with creating a drawing and can take hours or even days. This is a major advantage for businesses and shops that need to be able to quickly turn around orders … and want to get more personnel involved in the day-to-day creation of G code. For shop floor tasks like fixture making and related, Kipware® conversational excels.

Third, Kipware® conversational CNC programming software is much more affordable. CAD/CAM software can be very expensive, while Kipware® conversational CNC programming software is much more affordable. Kipware® conversational is a one-time, lifetime purchase with no maintenance or other additional fees … ever.

Why Kipware® ?

Create G code faster and easier than ANY #CADCAM software with Kipware conversational CAM.

Create G Code FASTER and EASIER with Kipware® Conversational !!

  1. ONE TIME PRICE WITH A LIFETIME PURCHASE … purchase once own it for life !!
  2. NO MAINTENANCE or MONTHLY FEES … or other fees EVER !!
  3. -2- SEATS STANDARD with every title !!
  4. Intelligent Interface … spend more time doing and less time learning to use the software.
  5. UNLIMITED, FOREVER-FREE, ACCESS to our complete video training library and online user manual.
  6. Easy to learn and use
  7. Fanuc, Haas & Okuma compatible out-of-the-box … no “post” needed.
  8. Fast and efficient
  9. Affordable
  10. Powerful
  11. Accurate
  12. Reliable
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Since 1986, Kentech Inc. has been a leader, innovator and pioneer in PC based conversational CNC programming software combining over 30+ years of professional manufacturing experiences with innovative computer programming skills.

Kipware® conversational is the PREMIER conversational CNC programming software on the market. Our Clients include Fortune 500 companies … Industry Leaders and Pioneers. 

Kipware software is innovative and groundbreaking CNC and machine shop software.
Tim K.
Tim K.Performance Metal Products
Read More
KipwareT® is awesome and has lead to increased productivity of reengineering damaged parts. It has cut design and cam by over 50%.
Tony C.
Tony C.Oklahoma
Read More
We were looking for a new machine with conversational programming ... till we found your site. Correct ... having to program at the machine, in the shop was not ideal. We loaded KipwareM® on a laptop and now we can program anywhere ... and multiple machines with one laptop. AND ... we were able to buy the machine that best fit our needs. Great Product !!
Brett L.
Brett L.North Carolina
Read More
Finally ... CAM for the real world. So glad I found your site.
Landon K.
Landon K.United Kingdom
Read More
I struggled with Fusion for months till I found your site and realized it was overkill for what I needed. Your marketing is right on point.
Austin G.
Austin G.New Zealand
Read More
Since I added KipwareM® to our shop floor PC my output has increased tremendously. We leave the CAD/CAM for the complicated parts and guys on the floor use Kipware® for everything else. Thank You !!
Matt W.
Matt W.Wisconsin
Read More
Budget was tight ... KipwareT® was the perfect choice for our shop.
Bryan W.
Bryan W.New York
Read More
I am actually learning G code while using KipwareM®. AND making parts in the process !! Great Product ... Highly Recommended.
Kris T.
Kris T.Framingham
Read More
I'm a one man shop and KipwareT® has really helped me ramp up my business. I do not design so no need for CAD/CAM. KipwareT® is easy-to-use, simple and much faster than CAD/CAM.
Shubham S.
Shubham S.India
Read More
Great Product ... Highly Recommended.
Ralph D.
Ralph D.Connecticut
Read More
KipwareM® was so easy to use and learn. I was making chips in less than one hour after my purchase. Great software !!
Heath K.
Heath K.Texas
Read More
BTW I'm a big fan of what you created, the humble pricing and the personal support. Very rare these days and appreciated.

Kipware® is DIFFERENT

Kipware® software uses simple fill-in-the-blank forms to create powerful G code / CNC programs that include “best programming practice” outputs like canned cycles, cutter compensation and more.

No drawing, CAD or G code programming experience is required to create powerful G code programs with Kipware® conversational CAM.

Unlike conversational CNC controls … Kipware® is NOT LOCKED to the machine. Kipware® conversational CNC programming software is the ultimate in portability and allows users to program multiple machines with just one Kipware® package.

Unlike simplistic wizards, Kipware® conversational CAM creates REAL G code programs that can contain multiple operations with powerful shop floor features like canned cycles, cutter compensation and more.

conversational cnc programming with Kipware conversational cnc programming software
Kipware SketchPad - EASY CAD/CAM Software

In addition … if you need to program non-standard shapes, Kipware® conversational CAM includes the Kipware® SketchPad.

Draw directly in the SketchPad or import DXF files from a CAD program and create efficient G code programs for those shapes. It’s easy to create BOTH roughing and finishing toolpaths in the SketchPad.

And the SketchPad includes our patent-pending Machinist Mode. In the Machinist Mode users can simply move the mouse as if it was the tool and create  roughing toolpaths on the fly. Super simple and efficient … anyone can create powerful toolpaths the way you want to machine.

Take an in-depth look at all the conversational cycles available in KipwareM®. From milling to drilling to 4th axis to conversational 3D cycles … this page has it all.

Click Below to Explore All the CYCLES Available in KipwareM®

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Video Illustrating the G Code Creation to Machine a Keyway in Kipware® Conversational

This short video illustrates the ease of creating G Code in KIPWARE® … NO CAD … NO Drawing … NO G code experience required. Users never even have to see the G code if they don’t want … and as this video illustrates, editing can also be done conversationally with no G code experience required.

"I'm torn between CAD/CAM and Conversational"

CAD/CAM is all the rage … but is it really? CAD/CAM was never designed to be a primary G code generating tool … it is a design tool first and foremost. That is why everything starts with a drawing. To create even the simplest G code … a drawing … and CAD experience … is required. Some thoughts to consider :

  • Am I designing? … or do I just need to create G code for machining.
  • Will the requirement to know how to draw in CAD have a detremental impact on my ability to create G code to machine … my ability to hire “good chipmakers” to create G code?
  • Does the initial cost … training … and ongoing yearly maintenance fees justify a full blown CAD/CAM system / purchase? After all … yearly maintenance fees are how the CAD/CAM companies make money.
  •  Is a cloud based option like Fusion 360 really worth it? Fusion started out FREE for hobbyists … but once that crowd was sucked in … the yearly price bumps started to lock users in. And if you stop … all your work is lost and no longer available.

"I already have CAD/CAM .... Why should I consider Kipware®?"

Not EVERY job requires CAD/CAM … nor a CAD/CAM operator. Oftentimes … conversational can be the faster and more efficient option. The need to create a drawing for even the simplest G code can be time consuming and inefficient. Some thoughts to consider :

  • Making parts for fixtures or boring jaws are 2 examples of how quick and easy conversational can be more efficient. Having a simpler option for simpler parts / tasks is important.
  • CAD/CAM requires skilled and trained personnel … conversational is a great tool for good chipmakers who just need a little help to create G code. Conversational will open the doors to allow more people to create G code.
  • A drawing or model is not always available … and the requirement to create a drawing for simpler parts is inefficient and cumbersome.
  • Kipware® means a lifetime license … -2- seats standard … no maintenance fees ever … and unlimited, forever free access to onine training videos and manuals.
Kipware® vs. Conversational CNC Controls

WHO Uses Kipware?

Large Shops

Kipware G CODE CONVERSION software makes all your shop florr CNC machines operate seamlessly.

LARGE SHOPS who want to break away from the CAD/CAM ONLY and PROGRAMMING DEPARTMENT ONLY models to speed up the programing of fixtures, workholding and simpler workpieces.

Small Shops

SMALL SHOPS who want to break the hold of expensive CAD/CAM software, yearly maintenance fees, and being at the mercy of the “CAD/CAM GUY” to get good chipmakers involved in CNC programming to expand their capabilities.

Kipware G CODE CONVERSION software makes all your shop florr CNC machines operate seamlessly.

DIY'ers & One-Man-Shops

Kipware Pomotes Human Interface CNC Programming

DIY ‘ers and ONE MAN SHOPS who want to get their CNC equipment … older and new CNC machines … up and running, making chips and making profits faster and easier. To spend more time MAKING CHIPS … NOT DRAWINGS.

Explore the features, advantage and benefits of Kipware CNC / machine shop software.

Why is Kipware® Conversational CNC Programming Software SPECIAL?

  • Over 30+ conversational CYCLES are available to quickly and easily create G code for everything from pocketing to boss machining to thread milling to engraving and so much more.
  • Over 6+ conversational cycles are available for drilling cycles and patterns including creating cycles not available using the machines canned cycles.
  • Over 17+ conversational cycles are available for creating 3D toolpaths for standard type shapes including tapered holes … cones … troughs … radius edges and so much more.
  • Program non-standard shapes easily using the included Kipware® SketchPad by either drawing directly or importing DXF files.
  • Cycles include the ability to ROTATE any toolpath at any user defined angle with a single input. Turn simple shapes into complex shapes using rotation.
  • Cycles include the ability to easily add chamfers … radii … cutter comp … and more. Professional G code creation in a simple, easy-to-use package.
  • Any cycle previously created can be recalled at any time … perfect for quickly and easily creating G code for repeating or families of parts.
  • Developed by REAL machinists and CNC programmers using their REAL WORLD 35+ years of shop floor experiences. We cut the fluff and “features” no one ever uses to create streamlined, real world easy-to-use G code creation applications.

Why Kipware® Conversational?

  • NO CAD, NO CAD/CAM and even NO G code experience is required to create G code with Kipware® conversational CAM.
  • Why does G code creation always have to start with a drawing or CAD model? NO drawing or CAD model is required to create G code with Kipware® conversational CAM.
  • Conversational CNC controls require you to program at the machine … in the busy, noisey shop environment. Kipware® conversational CAM  is the utlimate in portability allowing you to create G code anywhere.
  • Unlike conversational controls, one seat of Kipware® can be used to program multiple machines. Everyone uses the same interface no matter what the machine.
  • Conversational CNC controls use archaic controls … F keys with multiple menus … CNC controls are not PC’s. Kipware® conversational CAM is PC based … that means all the power and features of a PC are employed for the interface and storage.
  • Break the chains of BIG CAD/CAM and their yearly maintenance fees and re-curring money drain.
  • Break the chains of having to hire only people familiar with your CAD/CAM system.
  • Kipware® conversational CAM includes : Lifetime License … NO maintenance or other fees EVER … 2 seats included standard … NO internet connection required EVER.
  • Kipware® conversational CAM includes unlimited, forever free access to our video online training and online user manuals.

What does Kipware® conversational mean for you and your shop?

  • Get more people involved in G code creation to increase productivity and efficiency. Turn your good employees into powerful G code creators.
  • Simpler programming like fixtures or boring jaws can be done by anyone quickly and easily with Kipware® conversational CAM … again increasing productivity and efficiency and allowing jobs to get completed faster.
  • Free your company from the “programming department”  or “CAD/CAM only guy” outdated models and see your output … and profits … increase when more people get involved with G code creation.
  • NO maintenance or other fees ever … stop the re-curring charge money drain.
  •  Kipware® conversational has been proven to assist users become more proficient and knowledgeable of G code … they see the results from fill-in-the-blank form inputs. Don’t be fooled … knowing G code is essential to an efficient CNC shop floor. Today’s CAD/CAM programmers are too dependant on the CAD/CAM system … and even the internet connection … and that’s a bad thing for the future.
  • G code created with Kipware® conversational CAM contains powerful code like canned cycles and cutter comp … making them more easily edited on the fly without requiring re-posting or re-programming.
Kipware means no cloud based BS.

No Cloud Based BS

  • NO internet connection required EVER
  • Lifetime License
  • You OWN everything !!
  • NO Maintenance Fees … EVER
  • Includes -2- Seats Standard
  • No Fusion360 like pricing gimmicks and surprises !!
  • Upgrade When You Want  … If You Want … based on what features we have added.
  • Includes unlimited, forever FREE access to our online video training library.
  • Includes unlimited, forever FREE access to the online User Manual.

KipwareM® - So Much More Than Just CNC Programming

Inlcudes Lifetime Licenses for ALL Titles -- No Maintenance Fees EVER -- (2) Seats of ALL Titles !!
Includes All Companion Apps Listed Below
  • Conversational Module --- Standard shape G code creation using fill-in-the-blank forms
  • Kipware® SketchPad - Simple Drawing and DXF import for non-standard shape G code creation
  • KipwareTP® - Full G code EDITOR and toolpath plotting application
  • KipwareCSF® - Feed and speed WIZARD for auto speed & feed calculations.
  • KipwarePA® - Programming Assistant for quick, user prompt G code creation
  • KipwareTB® - Machinist Toolbox Software with tons of formulas and troubleshooters
  • All above apps integrate with Kipware® conversational
  • All above apps can ALSO be used on their own independantly
Great Value


The ONLY Conversational 3D Programming in the Industry !!

The only conversational 3D CAM on the market

KipwareM® conversational CNC programming software contains the ONLY conversational 3D programming option on the market. Using fill-in-the-blank forms users can quickly and easily … without a CAD drawing … create complex 3D toolpaths for standard 3D shapes.

CONES … TAPERED HOLES … TAPERED Square &  Rectangular BOSS … TAPERED Square & Rectangular POCKET … Horizontal & Vertical TROUGHS … Female BENDING DIES … CURVED SURFACES … BOWLS … RADIUS EDGES … TAPERED RADIUS EDGES … HOLE FILLETS … and we’re constantly adding new options based on user requests !!

KipwareM® is 3+2 5 axis compatible.

3+2 - 5 Axis compatibility

KipwareM® is fully 3+2 – 5 axis compatible allowing for easy G code creation for workpieces that require indexing and trunnion positioning. Our unique “custom cycle creator” allows users to fully customize and create indexing and trunnion sequences that can be recalled and inserted into the program at any time.

KipwareM®’s unique design that allows for the multiple use of created cycles means users only need to create a cycle once … and can then use it in multiple locations on the workpiece after indexing or trunnion positiong sequences are auto-inserted.


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