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Machining Time Calculation Software

Inaccurate Cycletimes = Lost Profits

Accurate Cost Estimating & Quoting BEGINS with an Accurate Machining Time Estimate

Inaccurate machining time calculations lead to inaccurate quoting … which fills your machine shop with unprofitable work … tying up machinery and personnel … ruining the ability to bring in profitable work. It is a vicious cycle that keeps repeating itself in a downward spiral of lost profits.

KipwareCYC® cycletime estimating / machining time calculation software can STOP the losses and insure accurate manufacturing cost estimating.

Stop your machine shop from losing profits with Kipware software.

Innaccurate Cycletime and It's Effect on Machine Utilization

The effects of Over estimating machining cycletimes
The effects of under estimating machining cycletimes

The Most Successful Shops Know ...

KipwareCYC - Real World Machining Cycletime Estimating Software

The Key to ACCURATE Cycletime Estimating

There is NO substitute. The KEY to accurate machining time calculations is to insure the machining process and cutting parameters used in the estimate ACCURATELY reflect what happens on YOUR SHOP FLOOR. “Book knowledge” and “user data” is useless if it doesn’t reflect what happens on YOUR shop floor.

The real world design of KipwareCYC® machining time calculation software insures estimated machining cycletimes times are YOUR times.

Dump the AI BS and cookie cutter quoting & estimating websites.

DUMP the AI Generated BS

Cookie cutter quoting websites and AI generated estimates only mean ONE THING … faster, inaccurate estimates. It’s impossible for those tools to know YOUR SHOP.

Auto generated machining processes … is that really how YOUR shop would process the part? Auto generated cutting parameters … can YOUR  shop and equipment match those speeds and feeds?

Take control of your quoting & estimating with Kipware®.

Ways to Explore KipwareCYC®
KipwareCYC® - What Does It Mean For You?
KipwareCYC - Real World Machining Cycletime Estimating Software

Your Shop is UNIQUE

Your workflow, your process, your equipment, your personnel and capabilities are UNIQUE. Creating accurate machining time calculations and cycletimes requires taking all those factors into account. “Feature recognition” does NOT … and really just means faster, inaccurate estimates.

The KipwareCYC®  design insures your cycletimes reflect YOUR shop.

Kipware software brings strength and power along with ease of use to the table.

Powerful Features

The REAL WORLD flexible design of KipwareCYC® enables it to handle cycletime estimating for a wide range of equipment …

  • Conventional & Multi-Axis Turning
  • Live Tool Turning Centers
  • Vertical Machining Centers
  • Horizontal Machining Centers
  • Automatic & Manual Saw
  • EDM & Waterjet
  • Manual Turning & Milling
  • Manual & Automatic Welding
  • OD, ID & Surface Grinders
  • … and more.
KipwareCYC - Real World Machining Cycletime Estimating Software

CAD/CAM for Estimating

A key component to efficient machining time calculations and cycletimes is a process that is fast and accurate without being overblown. Using your CAD/CAM system and operator to create a G code program for a workpiece you may never machine is overblown and inefficient. KipwareCYC® produces accurate times through an efficient interface.

And because you are not tied to a CAD/CAM system … there are no compatibility or integration or other financial issues to get in the way.

Consistency in machining cycletime estimating is key


KipwareCYC’s database design insures that your machining time estimates will contain consistent and accurate speeds and feeds across all estimates. Customers will see consistent times and your shop will be able to reproduce estimated speeds, feeds and times.

Using KipwareCYC® you will estimate with CONFIDENCE knowing the work you win will actually make profits.

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Database Driven

KipwareCYC® is driven by two databases … one for machine specs and one for cutting parameters. Shipped data includes tons of common materials and machines to get you up and running quickly … but can be easily altered to accurately reflect your shop. This concept means that speeds, feeds and time WILL BE CONSISTENT and WILL ACCURATELY REFLECT what actually happens on your shop floor.

Our proprietary formulas and database structures include options to add and edit machine information and cutting parameters to ensure precision in your estimates and streamline your estimating process. Say goodbye to guesstimating.

Kipware will lead your shop down the road to profitability

From Estimate to Road Map

KipwareCYC® will auto create ROUTING SHEETS from the machining time estimate that give programming and set-up a ROAD MAP of how to get from estimated times to actual times. Input from the floor can be used to “tweak” database data to insure future machining time estimates are even closer to what actually happens on YOUR shop floor.

The more you use it the more accurate it gets.

Kipware means no cloud based BS.

No Cloud Based BS

  • NO internet connection required EVER
  • Lifetime License
  • You OWN everything … including any estimates you create aong the way !!
  • NO Maintenance Fees … EVER
  • Includes -2- Seats Standard
  • Upgrade When You Want  … If You Want … based on what features we have added.
  • Includes unlimited, forever FREE access to our online video training library.
  • Includes unlimited, forever FREE access to the online User Manual.
Examples of machining cycletime estimating with Kipware,

Easily Create Powerful What-If Scenarios

KipwareCYC® auto calculates speeds and feeds from our powerful, included ( and fully customizable ) databases … but the flexibility of the design of KipwareCYC® allows users to quickly and easily create WHAT-IF scenarios.
WHAT-IF scenarios allow you to instantly change machines … cutting tools … cutting parameters … anything … to look at different cycletime options. BUT … you are always using YOUR shops parameters so you can create these WHAT-IF scenarios with the confidence that they can be reproduced on YOUR shop floor.
KipwareCYC machining cycletime estimating software calculates labor costs

Auto-Calculate Labor Costs

Machining time calculations and cycletimes can quickly be turned into labor cost estimates with the included RTC ( Run Time Calculator ) application. Quickly see hours required to complete the run and labor costs involved in the production. What-if-scenarios can be done using hours worked per day or # of parts to manufacture.

Take your estimate to production with confidence.

Examples of machining cycletime estimating with Kipware,

Multi Part Fixtures and Indexing Scenarios Included

Quickly and easily explore cycletimes based on multi-part fixtures or indexing type fixturing. Simply complete the layout fields and KipwareCYC®  will instantly create the complete cycletime to machine all parts complete.

Our powerful, proprietary formulas will automatically amortize movement and tool changes to create an accurate overall cycletime.

Use the new data to decide if fixture building or multi-part fixturing / machining is worth it.

Kipware software makes estimating machining cycletime on swiss type CNC lathes a breeze.

Swiss Type and Multi-Turret / Multi-Spindle CNC Cycletime Estimating Included

Using our innovative “GHOSTING” process, users can quickly and easily create cycletime estimates for swiss type and multi-turret / multi-spindle CNC turning centers. Simply estimate all operations using KipwareCYC® … then easily “ghost” operations that will be performed in tandem with other operations to quickly and easily create a cycletime estimate in which you can have complete confidence.

Kentech Real World CNC / Machine Shop Software

Seamless INCH / METRIC Integration

Being able to estimate machining times completely in either an INCH or METRIC world … or both … is crucial and KipwareCYC® offers full integration. Any database can be auto-converted from INCH to METRIC or METRIC to INCH with a single button click allowing users the freedom and flexibility to use their system of choice … or bounce back and forth … with no loss of data or ease of use.

Database back-ups can be created with a single button click to insure your data is secure and your work accurate. Users drive the back-up schedule and they can be performed as often as necessary.

KipwareCYC® fully integrates with our KipwareQTE® – Machine Shop Job Costing & Estimating application.

Create your machining cycletimes in KipwareCYC® … then import them into KipwareQTE® and all LABOR COSTS associated with each machining opeartion will be automatically calculated and included in the cost estimate.

Whether individually or combined with other Kipware® applications … KipwareCYC® is a powerful tool to keep your cost estimating and quoting processes on track.

One Time Price -- Lifetime License --- 2 Seats Standard -- NO Monthly or Other Fees EVER -- NO Internet Required EVER

CAD Models to Estimate Cycletime ?

All the rage today is “my customer supplies the CAD drawing” or “my customer supplies the model”. Great … just use your estimating software to calculate the machining cycletime from that … RIGHT ????


The “TRUTH” that no one ever talks about is that more and more … due to either CAD operator inexperience or whatever … drawings, solid models, and similar intended to be able to be used directly are incorrect. Issues range from models not being to scale, models that require corrections and re-drawing or at least a thorough double-check. These errors are very time consuming and costly … and could even be catastrophic if you are trying to create profitable estimates from inaccurate models.

But don’t just take our word for it … CLICK right to read more.


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