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Complete Quoting / Estimating / Tracking BUNDLE

Bundle and SAVE with Kipware® Suite

It's time to STOP winning work that just LOSES MONEY !!

KipwareSUITE is a CNC / machine shop quoting and estimating software bundle.
What's Included with Kipware® SUITE
KipwareQTE makes it easy to include perishable tooling costs in your cost estimates


Machining Cycletime Estimating Software … Our KipwareCYC® machining cycletime estimating software will insure that the machining cycletime included in your quoting and estimating accurately match what actually happpens on your shop floor … the key to accurate costing and estimating !!

KipwareQTE - Machine Shop Estimating and Quoting Software.


Machine Shop Job Costing & Estimating Software … Create accurate quotes and estimates that include material cost, perishable tooling costs, labor costs and all non-machining costs. Send them off to your clients with confidence that the work you win will actually be PROFITABLE WORK !!

KipwareCYC - Real World Machining Cycletime Estimating Software


Quotation Tracking and Analyzing Software … Track and analyze your quoting and estimating process in-depth so you understand all the details. Analyze anything from what quotes are outstanding … to  why you win work … why you lose work … anything you can imagine can be analyzed in-depth with KipwareTRK®.

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