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Looking for a TRIAL Version of Kipware?

Hello … and thank you for your interest in Kipware® software. We often get asked “is there a trial version of Kipware® titles”. After 35+ years in business … we have some in-depth thoughts and opinions. Here they are.

“Playing” and “learning” new software can be a daunting and time consuming task. Over the years we have found that users rarely put the time and effort into fully evaluating a title … lose interest … or simply try to make the product do things it wasn’t designed to do and get frustrated.

From our business end … “trial” versions often lead to time consuming and costly support issues perhaps for clients who may never even commit to making a purchase. Some clients use the “trial” as a one-and-done and never really intended to pursue a purchase in the first place. Oftentimes … in the past … competition have used these versions for evaluation or to get ideas.

For these reasons and others … “trial” versions have not proven to be a good option for us or our potential clients. But we do offer multiple ways for you to make an intelligent decision :

Live Online Demonstrations

The option that seems to work the best and makes the most sense. We offer free, live, online demonstrations where you can see the software in action and ask questions / get answers in real time. It's just like a live in-house demonstration. We schedule live demos every day during the week during our normal business ... or we can set-up a schedule for off-hours if that would work better for your schedule. You can get additional information and set-up a schedule ... JUST CLICK THE IMAGE ABOVE.

View Our Online Manual

You can view / review the material in our Kipware® Online Manual. JUST CLICK THE IMAGE ABOVE.

View Our Video Training Website

You can view / review the material in our Kipware® Video Training Catalog. JUST CLICK THE IMAGE ABOVE.

In-Depth YouTube Videos

We offer TONS of in-depth videos on our YouTube channel from presentation videos to videos that show the software in action. You can view all our in-depth videos and learn how Kipware® works at your own schedule and pace. JUST CLICK THE IMAGE ABOVE.

We recognize that an educated consumer is our best customer. The options listed above are easily and readily available for you to explore at your own leisure without the constraints of time or limited access. Your self-education also insures that you can find the answers and explore the features that are important to you individually. If you cannot find the answers to your questions from the options above … please don’t hesitate to contact Kentech Inc. and we will be happy to provide any additional details and information.

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