KipwareXC-PRO - G Code Conversion / Post Processor Software BUNDLE

G Code Conversion Software BUNDLE

BUNDLE our MOST POPULAR G Code Conversion Applications into a SINGLE PURCHASE ... Save Money ... and allow ALL your CNC's to operate seamlessly.

The MOST Important Tools for a SEAMLESS Shop Floor

Kipware® G Code Conversion applications are pioneering … innovative … and have allowed our users around the world to put an end to the shop floor bottleneck that is “CNC control incompatibility”. Put an end to re-posting and re-programming for CNC’s with different G code formats with Kipware® G code conversion software.

KipwareXC-PRO® bundles our CNC XChange – Fanuc <–> Okuma G Code Conversion software with our powerful, user-configurable KipwareXC® G code conversion application to save you money and allow all your shop floor machinery to operate seamlessly for increased efficiency and output.

Mind Blowing !!

The Kipware concept for CNC / machine shop software is mind blowing.

What's Included in KipwareXC-PRO

ALL Lifetime Licenses -- (2) Seats of ALL Titles -- NO Maintenance Fees -- Unlimited, Forever Free Access to Video Training & Online Manuals

Put An End To CNC Control Incompatibility On Your Shop Floor


User Configurable G Code Conversion Software … Our KipwareXC® is a powerful, easy-to-configure G code conversion application which allows users to convert proven-on-the-floor G code or newly posted G code from one machine / control to another. And no experience is needed. Just chose a conversion PROFILE… BROWSE for the file to convert … press CONVERT … DONE. All automatically with no human interference and chance for error. Change or update any conversion PROFILE anytime … anywhere … you’re in control.

Kipware® CNC XChange

Fanuc <–> Okuma G Code Conversion Software … whether looking to buy a new machine or looking to eliminate re-programming or re-posting between FANUC controlled and OKUMA CNC machines … CNC XChange is THE ANSWER. CNC XChange uses powerful pre-configured source code conversions and combines that with easy-to-configure, user-defined conversion options to handle ANY FANUC <–> OKUMA G code conversion scenarios.

Kipware conversion software will make all your CNC's operate seamlessly.

Who Uses KipwareXC-PRO® ?

KipwareXC-PRO is packaged to enable users to handle any-and-all G code formatting conversions they may encounter on their shop floor. KipwareXC-PRO includes the following applications :

  1. CNC XChange : designed specifically for the conversion of FANUC / HAAS /OKUMA G code. If your shop floor consists of FANUC / HAAS mills and lathes and OKUMA mills and lathes, CNC XChange has you covered. CNC XChange is “hard coded” meaning that the user has to perform minimal configuration to achieve 100% G code conversion … we did all the work in the source code.
  2. KipwareXC® : if your shop floor consists of lathes and mills other than FANUC / HAAS and OKUMA, KipwareXC® has you covered. KipwareXC® is “soft coded” and allows the user to build an unlimited number of PROFILES ( the what-to-convert-into-what) to enable an unlimited number of conversion types … allowing all your shop floor CNC’s to operate seamlessly.

KipwareXC-PRO® - Cost Comparison over Individual Titles

Inlcudes Lifetime Licenses for ALL Titles -- No Maintenance Fees EVER -- (2) Seats of ALL Titles !!
$ 1150
Save $250 - $500 Over Individual Titles Cost !!
  • Includes KipwareXC® - Normally $550
  • Includes CNC XChange - Fanuc <--> Okuma G Code Conversion Software - Normally $850
  • Choose MILLING, TURNING or BOTH Versions of CNC XChange
  • Each Title is a FULL COMPLETE Version
  • Inncludes -2- Seats of All Titles
  • Total Normal Individual Cost = $1400
Great Value
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